Indian Directories by Richard Morgan – pdf version



FIBIS fact file No 3:  Indian Directories

– pdf digital version of printed Fact File

By Richard Morgan

ISBN     978-0-9547-116-4-1

pdf digital version of 16 page booklet

This Fact File provides an invaluable guide to the printed Indian directories available on people who lived or served in British India, with examples of the kind of information useful to family historians to be found in them.

Written by Richard Morgan, whom many will know from his articles in family history journals on genealogical research relating to India, it is in his characteristically brisk and down-to-earth style, and full of practical advice on how to get the best out of these important sources. In particular he draws attention to the sometimes underestimated Thacker’s Indian Directory which so often comes to the rescue when your ancestor was a ‘non-official’ and therefore omitted from almost all the official records. All the directories discussed are readily available at the British Library and directions are given on locating them elsewhere.

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