FIBIS is run totally by unpaid volunteers in their spare time, so the fact that we have celebrated our 20th anniversary is quite an achievement! We rely totally upon membership fees and donations of money to fund everything we do. Any money you donate will help us to:

*Any items purchased are donated to the British Library after digitisation.


Your donations enable us to continue providing our services. Thank you! :)

Donate by post

Simply send your cheque, made payable to Families in British India Society, to the following address:

John Napper
Two Oaks
New Mill Lane
Hants, RG27 0QY

Add an extra 25% with Gift Aid

Are you a UK taxpayer making a personal donation?
Boost your subscription or donation by 25p for every £1 you donate by printing off and completing the Gift Aid form.

Find out more about gift aid

You can find out more about Gift Aid from the website here