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Here are some examples of FIBIS in the news and how FIBIS has been able to help researchers, along with general references to the Society and its work.

August 2014
Times of India newspaper – British-era cemetery in Kotagiri left in ruins

August 2013
Your Family Tree magazine (Issue 132) – Looking online… Family History Societies.
FIBIS gets first place in the top five family history societies with the most impressive online collections.  “This site is by far the slickest platform on the British genealogical family history society scene. The award-winning website is an inspiration for what you can achieve with the right approach.”

Issue 17 of Inside History

July 2013
Issue 17 of Inside History Magazine –  article by Sylvia Murphy and Valmay Young from FIBIS on “How you can trace your ties to British India”

Saturday, Jun 22, 2013
DNA India newspaper – Documenting an Armenian heritage

Sunday, May 19, 2013
DNA India newspaper – Grandchildren of the Raj

June 2012
Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine (Issue 61)  – 30-minute Genealogist, Sara Khan, takes a look at the FIBIS website.

May 2012
Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine (Issue 60)  – Penny Kocher and Nick Smyth explain how they met at the FIBIS stand at the Who Do You Think You Are – Live event 2012. You can also see a lovely video interview take just after they met on the FIBIS YouTube Channel called “Serendipity at Who Do You Think You Are Live 2012

February 2012
Nick Barratt, President of the Federation of Family History Societies, Editor-in-chief of ‘Your Family History’ magazine and genealogical consultant for the BBC show ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ explains why he joined FIBIS, the value of the work FIBIS carries out, the benefits of FIBIS membership as well as explaining his role at WDYTYA-Live 2012 exhibition.

See more interviews on our YouTube Channel

February 2010
Who Do You Think You Are Live 2010 – A Series of Chance Encounters  This article was on the front page of the WDYTYA-Live website for most of 2010, but was removed when the website had a make over. Luckily this copy is still available on Valmay Young’s blog.

January 2010
Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine (Issue 30) –  Top 5 websites for finding forbears in British India