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Thinking of having a DNA Test?

Genealogical DNA testing can often provide new leads, help with brickwalls, inspire your research and even connect cousins.

What is the project?

Often in British India family research we hit a brickwall and suspect the cause is that an ancestor is Indian. This can be hard to prove due to lack of documentary evidence and FIBIS hope that our DNA project might help in these situations. Family Tree DNA projects provide a forum for exploring common genetic heritage. We hope the FIBIS project might connect a few members with possible cousins and help you understand your ancestry a little more.

Types of tests

  • Y-DNA Tests – Discover your heritage on your father’s line
  • mtDNA Tests – Discover your heritage on your mother’s line
  • Family Finder Test – Family Finder is an autosomal DNA test that automatically finds your relatives within 5 generations. It works by comparing your DNA to the DNA of other users in the massive FTDNA database

Not sure what test is best for you? Please feel free to contact one of the project group administrators.

Already had your DNA tested?

Why not join us and add your results to our British India project group?

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  • Search for matches
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Transfer your AncestryDNA™ or MyHeritage™ autosomal DNA data to FamilyTreeDNA and discover new matches for FREE.

Please feel free to contact one of the project group administrators if you have any questions.

Non FIBIS members welcome