FIBIS Journal – 1 (Spring 1999)



FIBIS Journal No 1

For the last 12 years, twice a year FIBIS has produced a Journal, the current publication being sent exclusively to members. Its principal aim is the presentation to its Members of the availability and value of various sources both to the establishment of genealogy and of the background to ancestors’ lives in India and associated regions.


  • Catholics in India
  • Catholics in Mangalore – A Bicentennial
  • St. Thomas’ Mount, European Baptisms (1750-1880)
  • Records of the East India Company in Tower Hamlets
  • Some Facts about the Black Hole of Calcutta
  • Oral History
  • Major Thomas Back of the Madras Army
  • FIBIS’ First Open Meeting, 25 September 1999
  • The East India Company Site in Poplar
  • Request for Help – James Henry Fletcher
  • Looking for Armenians in India
  • Book Review
  • The Quit India Movement
  • Railway Journeys of My Childhood
  • Forthcoming Books & Second-hand Books
  • Books for Sale & Books from India

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