FIBIS Journal 24 (Autumn 2010)



Contents of  FIBIS Journal 24

  • Message from the Chairman and Editorial
  • Eliza Fay: New Aspects by David Atkinson
  • The Marriages of Margaret McCombe:   A combined London-Sydney effort by Lawrie Butler
  • Letters from the Mill:   The Calcutta Jute Industry by Carol Turnham
  • ‘Peculair Circumstances’: Catholic Chaplains of the Victorian British Army in India by Margaret Mulvihill
  • Fanciful Memories?   The Foothead Family and India by Carol Gilbert
  • Life with Tea in India:   the diaries of Samuel Cleland Davidson by Wendy Pratt
  • Using Social Networking for Family History Research by Valmay Young
  • Building the Beas Bridge by Hugh Wilding

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