FIBIS Journal 20 (Autumn 2008)



Contents of  FIBIS Journal 20

  • My ancestor Matthew Leslie (1755-1804) was a ‘White Mughal’ – by Beverly Hallam
  • The Letters of Captain John Orrok – by Alison McBrayne
  • In God and Company: the life and times of the Reverend William Kew Fletcher (c1802-1867), EIC Chaplain – by Mark William Fletcher
  • Jules Henri Jean Schaumburg (1839-1886): a forgotten artist rediscovered – by Sylvia Murphy
  • Eliza Robinson and the Women’s Workshop in Allahabad – by Ann Currie
  • Freemasonry in India – by Susan Snell
  • Campaign and other medals to Anglo-Indians – by Allan Stanistreet
  • The Trichinopoly Registers – by Richard Morgan

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