FIBIS Journal 18 (Autumn 2007)



Contents of  FIBIS Journal 18

  • Researching for FIBIS Members – by Lawrie Butler and Beverly Hallam
  • The Battle of Plassey, 23 June 1757 – by David Blake
  • The Lady’s Log-book – by Mark William Fletcher
  • Rebecca Dorin, April 1813-July 1857: a Heroine of the Mutiny – by Brenda M Cook
  • The Defence of Lucknow: letter from Lt Clifford Henry Mecham
  • The Army Rank of Conductor and the history of an HEIC Conductor VC – by Lawrie Butler
  • Planning for Indian Independence: Mountbatten, Nehru, and V P Menon – by David Blake
  • Review article – by Hazel Craig

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