Research sources for Indian Railways, 1845-1947 -pdf version



FIBIS fact files No 4:Research sources for Indian Railways, 1845-1947

– pdf digital version of printed Fact File

By Hugh Wilding

ISBN     978-0-9547-116-5-8

pdf version of 28 page booklet

After an introduction which includes an article by Anthony West, another FIBIS researcher in this field, Wilding provides comprehensive lists of the relevant UK archives covering not only the India Office Records, but also The National Archives, the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and the Centre of South Asian Studies.

Inspired by the discovery that a great grandfather had been an employee of the Indian Railways, the author has over the past fifteen years made himself thoroughly acquainted with all UK sources for researching ancestors connected with the Indian railway system.

There is a very full book list, a glossary, and – something which has probably never before been attempted – a complete finding list of railways known to have operated in India between 1853 and 1947.

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