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List of FIBIS Journal Archive Contents

FIBIS Journal Number 42 (Autumn 2019)

  • Editorial
  • The Nurse’s Story by Allan Stanistreet
  • The Memoirs of Lt Col. Frederick Corbett Hickie by Frederick Hickie
  • Ephraim da Costa: Judging the Judge by Will Barber Taylor
  • My Cosmopolitan Ancestry by Norman A Fuller
  • Red White and Blue: Three Generations and 150 Years of Colonial Life by Chris Hardy
  • Coming Back Home by Mike Young
  • Book Reviews by Margaret Murray

FIBIS Journal Number 41 (Spring 2019)

  • Editorial
  • Richard slyer 1786-1833: Aurangabad 200 Years On by John K Palmer
  • Arthur George Allan: Postcards From India (1907-1911) by Sue Dawson-Smallwood
  • Walter Francis Shore: The lost Grave by Iain Shore
  • Henry Reginald Corbett (1891-1973) by Kimberley John Lindsay
  • Friendship and Family Ties: Philadelphia Out of Obscurity by Sue Paul
  • Dr Babu and the Catla fish: Megan Jute Mills by Kenneth Miln
  • Read All About It by Valmay Young
  • India Cemeteries Project by Nigel Penny

FIBIS Journal Number 40 (Autumn 2018)

  • Editorial
  • An IMS Surgeon in East Africa by Ann Crichton Harris
  • An Indian Army Unit in East and West Africa 1915–1917 by Bill Hall
  • ‘Knowing that some are spending their last half-hour on earth’: The Indian Army in the Middle East by Tim Willasey-Wilsey
  • BACSA and the Cemeteries of British India’ by Stephen McClarence
  • A Life Well-Lived: John Seely, Surveyor and Author by Barbara Frankl
  • Encounter with a Film Star by David Railton
  • Reviews:
    • Cult of a Dark Hero: Nicholson of Delhi by Stuart Flinders. Review article by Sir Allan Ramsay
    • Goodbye Burma. Review by Margaret Murray
  • FIBIS 20th Anniversary Conference by Sally Tipper

FIBIS Journal Number 39 (Spring 2018)

  • Editorial
  • Gurkhas in the First World War by Craig Lawrence
  • On the Western Front with the Meerut Division by Ron Horton
  • George King IMD and his Medals by Allan Stanistreet
  • The Last of the White Hunters by Joshua Mathew
  • Reminiscences of a Jute Wallah in West Bengal by Kenneth Miln
  • FIBIS: The First Twenty Years by Peter Bailey
  • You Were Born When? by Hedley Sutton
  • Reviews:
    • Brave as a Lion: The Life and Times of Field Marshal Hugh Gough, 1st Viscount Gough by Christopher Brice. Review article by Sir Allan Ramsay
    • British Ships in Indian Waters by Richard Morgan. Review by Margaret Makepeace
    • The Uprising of 1857 edited by Rosie Llewellyn-Jones. Review by Tim Willasey-Wilsey

FIBIS Journal Number 38 (Autumn 2017)

  • Editorial
  • Remembering Cawnpore by Mark Probett
  • Sir Henry Ramsay’s Kumaon Friends by N. C. Shah
  • IP v ICS: The Long Duel? by Paul Dean
  • Muni, Mali and the Beetles by Sir Allan Ramsay
  • Getting to Grips with Familysearch Family Tree by Sharon Hintze
  • Unsung Servants of the Raj: An Anglo-Indian Family in the Nineteenth Century by John Webber
  • Not in Baxter: A Member of the Legislative Councils of Bengal and Central Legislative Assembly of India by Richard Morgan
  • Reviews
    • Last Children of the Raj: British Childhoods in India by Laurence Fleming (2016). Review by Allan Stanistreet
    • Dance with Fireflies (2015), both by Jane Gill. Review by Xandra Sherman

FIBIS Journal Number 37 (Spring 2017)

  • Editorial
  • Hooghly to Himalaya – A Short Story – Kenneth Miln
  • An Honourable Upright Man: Ralph Henry Sneyd (1784-1840) – Keith Haines
  • The Life of Joseph Knowles – Aubrey Knowles
  • John Brierly in India – Elizabeth Wilde
  • Lieutenant (Assistant Surgeon) R. L. W. Beveridge – Allan Stanistreet
  • Colonel Thomas Barrett and Friends – Ed Storey
  • General The Hon. Sir Henry Ramsay: The Uncrowned King of Kumaon – N. C. Shah
  • Some Unpublished Inscriptions from the Cemeteries of Jaipur – Syed Faizan Raza
  • Notices

FIBIS Journal Number 36 (Autumn 2016)

  • Editorial
  • Diary of Dora M. Fowle During a Trip From Poona to Burma in 1905 – Bill Hall
  • Walter Williams – A Private Soldier in India 1878-1888 – Part Two – Sylvia Murphy
  • The Joy of Family History – Hilary Sheridan
  • Under Duress: The Tiger of Mysore and His Infidel Artisans – Part Two – David Atkinson
  • Remembering Aunt Peggy – Emma Louise Oram
  • Using Thacker’s and Other Directories for Business in India – Richard Morgan
  • Inspector James Dwyer and the Thanks of the Bengal Government – Kimberley Lindsay
  • Reviews
  • Notices

FIBIS Journal Number 35 (Spring 2016)

  • Editorial
  • An English Bride in Edwardian India by Christine Kendell
  • Surgeon, Silk Merchant and Banker: The Balfour Brothers in India by Francesca Radcliffe
  • ‘Some hot water quickly’ – Sister Sallie’s Kaisar-i-Hind by Kimberley John Lindsay
  • Wanted: Robert William Cox aka. Charles Edward Custance by Michael Whitehead
  • Under Duress: The Tiger of Mysore and his Infidel Artisans (Part 1) by David Atkinson
  • Walter Williams, A Private Soldier in India 1878 to 1888 (Part 1) by Sylvia Murphy
  • Maintaining British Links with the Past in South Asia: The Work of BACSA by Clive Williams OBE
  • A Visit to India in Autumn 2015 [The organisation of a group tour] by Elaine MacGregor
  • Review: Beatson’s Mutiny – The Turbulent Career of a Victorian Soldier by Richard Stevenson 2015. Review by Peter Bailey
  • St. Mary’s Church, Chennai by Andrew Cumine

FIBIS Journal Number 34 (Autumn 2015)

  • Editorial
  • The Life of George Parbury, associate of Allen, Thacker and Spink by Dr John Carpenter
  • The Memoirs of John Norton of the Bombay Mint by Joan Harrison
  • W. Edward Bankes, an East India Company writer in the 1720s by Francesca Radcliffe
  • The East India Company: some snapshots of its history (Part 2) by David Blake
  • Francis Day, the Founder of the City of Madras by James T Day
  • Memories of my childhood in British India by Pearline Philomena Berry
  • Competition – Win one of three Genealogical DNA tests
  • Review: Pick Up Your Parrots and Monkeys: The Life of a Boy Soldier in India by William Pennington 2003. Review by Maureen Evers

FIBIS Journal Number 33 (Spring 2015)

  • Editorial
  • From Soldier to Newspaperman: The Varied Experiences of Joachim Hayward Stocqueler in Bombay and Calcutta from 1819 to 1843 by Audrey T Carpenter
  • Captains Outrageous: tracing the maritime career of William Henry Biden by Richard Morgan
  • The Melvill Family – Three Generations of Commitment to India (Part 2) by David Williams
  • Assistant Apothecary Charles Maitland versus East India Company Justice by Charles Maitland
  • The East India Company: some snapshots of its history (Part 1) by David Blake
  • Reference to an article on The Victorian Web: Of Intelligence, an Assassination, East Indiamen and the Great Hurricane of 1808 by Tim Willasey- Wilsey, concerning Lt-Colonel David Richardson of the Bengal Army and his family
  • Reviews
    • The Nicholas Brothers and A. T. W. Penn: Photographers of South India 1855 – 1885 by Christopher Penn (2014). Review by Richard Morgan
    • The Brewing Storm – 1939-1941 (2013) and Burma Invaded – 1942 (2013), both by Major C M Enriquez, based on his diary. Review by Peter Bailey

FIBIS Journal Number 32 (Autumn 2014)

  • Editorial
  • The Melvill Family – Three Generations of Commitment to India (Part 1) by David Williams
  • Trumpeter Inwood, an Anglo-Indian Hero of the Kut Garrison by Rosemary Reardon
  • The North-Western Railway Volunteer Rifles in East Africa in the First World War by Noel Clark
  • Gallantry Awards to the Indian Medical Department during the Great War of 1914 – 1918 by Allan Stanistreet
  • Competition – Win one of three Genealogical DNA tests
  • Elizabeth Martin of Madras and Walter Medhurst, Missionary by John Holliday
  • The Development of the Meerut District Volunteers, aka, the Meerut Volunteer Horse by Tim Bender
  • The FIBIS Conference 2014
  • Reviews
    • The Boydell Press Series ‘Worlds of the East India Company’. Review by Richard Morgan
      • The Twilight of the East India Company: The Evolution of Anglo-Asian Commerce and Politics 1790-1860 by Anthony Webster (2009)
      • The East India Company and Religion 1698-1858 by Penelope Carson (2012)
      • British Naval Power in the East 1794-1805: The Command of Admiral Peter Rainer by Peter A Ward (2013)
      • The East India Company’s London Workers: Management of the Warehouse Labourers 1800-1858 by Margaret Makepeace (2010)
    • Indigo and Opium: Two Remarkable Families and Fortunes Won and Lost by Miles Macnair (2013). Review by Peter Bailey
  • New FIBIS publication – Researching Ancestors in the Indian Army 1858-1947 by Peter A Bailey

FIBIS Journal Number 31 (Spring 2014)

  • Editorial
  • The Walsh Family and the Cawnpore Massacre by Paddy Walsh
  • Searching for Gopal Drooge and the Murder of Captain William Richardson by Tim Willasey- Wilsey
  • Keddahs and Epigraphists : miscellaneous appointments in India and Burma in 1909 by Bill Hall
  • The Origins of Johann Jacob Hoff: my ancestor in the Dutch East India Company by Mary McPherson
  • Captain Hunter: researching a memorial in Durham Cathedral by Geoffrey Fox
  • More on Hanoverian Regiments in India: using online newspapers to further research by Hilary Sheridan
  • Review : When the Tiger Fought the Thistle – The Tragedy of Colonel William Baillie of the Madras Army by Alan Tritton 2013. Review by Peter Bailey

FIBIS Journal Number 30 (Autumn 2013)

  • Editorial
  • Raising the Hanoverian Regiments: their passage to India by Hilary Sheridan
  • Owen Berkeley-Hill and Psychiatry in India by Mike Young
  • Dr Christopher Francis Henry Quick, IMD by Allan Stanistreet
  • The Indian Forest Services in the India Office Records: Questions and answers for researchers by Ian Baxter
  • A Postscript to the wounding of Campbell Clark by Charles Gordon Clark
  • Calvert Smith, the baby from the Parsonage by Diana Bousfield-Wells
  • Correspondence: records of the Dutch cemeteries, Java
  • Reviews
    • Raffles and the Golden Opportunity by Victoria Glendinning 2012. Review by Beverly Hallam
    • Lucknow – Families of the Raj by Malcolm Spiers 2013. Review by Richard Morgan
    • Early Photographs of Ladakh, edited with an introduction by Hugh Rayner 2013. Review by Robert Charnock
    • Welsh Missionaries and British Imperialism: The empire of clouds in north-east India by Andrew May 2012. Review by David Macadam

FIBIS Journal Number 29 (Spring 2013)

  • Editorial
  • The Clark Brothers – Life in the Bengal Army by Charles Gordon Clark
  • Distant Relations Discovered – A Bencoolen Family Reunited by James T Day
  • From Agra Fort – George Collett’s letters to Mountstuart Elphinstone by Valmay S Young
  • Assistant Surgeon RLW Beveridge, Indian Medical Department by Allan Stanistreet
  • The British Indian Civil Service by Peter Bailey
  • A Parsonage in Madras – Elizabeth Smith’s letters by Diana Bousfield Wells
  • Sir Thomas Theophilus Metcalfe, Director of the East India Company by George Buxton
  • Review: The Fishing Fleet: Husband Hunting in the Raj by Anne de Courcy 2012. Review by Hugh Wilding

FIBIS Journal Number 28 (Autumn 2012)

  • Editorial
  • The Mysterious Murder at Agra by Rosemary Reardon
  • Edward Squibb-Letters from a Bengal Cadet by Charles Gordon Clark
  • John Braddock- Powder Master by Sylvia Murphy
  • The Assassination of Thomas Parr, Resident of Bencoolen by Joanna C Fennell
  • Medals to a Nurse by Allan Stanistreet
  • Lost and Found-the records of Pembroke House by Sylvia Dibbs
  • A Northumberland Fusilier in India, 1886-1896 by Ruth Sear
  • Reviews
    • Tracing Your British Indian Ancestors: A guide for Family Historians by Emma Jolly 2012. Review by David Blake
    • P&O A History by Ruth Artmonsky 2012. Review by Richard Morgan
    • Schreyvogel’s Mission: Lindau to Trichinopoly by Walford Pears 2011. Review by Sarah Bilton

FIBIS Journal Number 27 (Spring 2012)

  • Editorial
  • The Imhoff Inheritance by Pippa Milnamow
  • General Gilbert and the surrender of the Sikh Army by Sarah Bilton
  • The Chaplains of St Luke’s, Abbottabad c. 1859-1947 and some notes on the Old Christian Cemetery by Prof. Omer Salim-Khan Tarin
  • The Viceregal Carriages-The Indian Railways and a dynasty of Pearces, Part 2 by Michael Feilden Pearce
  • Discovering biographical sources in the British Library Manuscripts by Dorota Walker
  • Ancestral research through DNA by Debbie Kennett
  • Obituary: Admiral Dawson 13 November 1923 to 23 October 2011 by David Barnabas
  • Reviews
    • The Chaplains of the East India Company, 1601-1858 by Daniel O’Connor 2012. Review by Richard Morgan
    • DNA and Social networking: A Guide to Genealogy in the 21st Century by Debbie Kennett 2011. Review by Sarah Bilton
    • Anu: The Raj Years by Shabnam Vasisht 2009 and Anu: The Nomad Years by Shabnam Vasisht 2010. Review by David Pyle
    • Graves in British India (FIBIS Fact File 6) by Richard Morgan 2011. Review by Sarah Bilton

FIBIS Journal Number 26 (Autumn 2011)

  • Editorial
  • From the Land of Dracula to an English Rectory by Peter Hubert
  • A Lucas Family: From Ireland to India by David Atkinson
  • William Garnett, the Volunteering Major by Michael Garnett
  • Boy Soldier to Lancer: John Arnfield in the Anglo -Sikh Wars by Ainslie Sharpe
  • James Minty: Tracing the Life of a Soldier by Cathy Day
  • Dean Mahomed and Captain Godfrey Evan Baker of the HEIC Bengal Army by Emma Jolly
  • Reviews
    • A Soldier’s Story-From the Khyber Pass to the Jungles of Burma: The Memoir of a British Officer in the Indian Army 1933-1947 by John Archibald Hislop, edited by Penny Kocher 2010. Review by Richard Morgan
    • Heroes or Villains? The British in India’ by Geoff Palmer 2011. Review by Peter Bailey
    • ‘I Can Never Say Enough About The Men’- A History of the Jammu & Kashmir Rifles throughout their World War One Campaign by Andrew Kerr 2010. Review by Peter Bailey
    • Letters from Bencoolen 1823-28 by Thomas Day and William Day with an intro by James Trelawny Day 2008. Review by Sarah Bilton
    • Getting the best out of the FIBIS Website by Valmay Young 2011. Review by Sarah Bilton

FIBIS Journal Number 25 (Spring 2011)

  • Editorial
  • The Tale of a Telescope from Lucknow by Susan Macklin
  • The Indian Railways and a Dynasty of Pearces by Michael Feilden Pearce
  • Tracing an Honorary Assistant Surgeon by Lawrie Butler
  • Adam Maxwell of Cawnpore – Indigo and Intrigue by Judith Vandenburgh Green
  • Advice for Young House-Keepers in India by William Hall
  • Civil Service Records in the India Office Reading Room: A Study of the L/F/10 series by Lawrie Butler with a contribution from David Blake
  • A Christmas Dance and Supper in Jodhpur 1942
  • Using Google Books for Family History Research by Ed Storey
  • Reviews
    • Mehtars and Marigolds: a story of four generations in British India (1874-1948) by Barbara Dinner 2009 Review by R Reardon
    • The Travelling Scotsman: the Life and Times of Paterson Saunders, Senior by Mary Anne Gourley 2010. Review by Sylvia Murphy

FIBIS Journal Number 24 (Autumn 2010)

  • Eliza Fay: New Aspects – David Atkinson
  • The Marriages of Margaret McCombe: A combined London-Sydney effort – Lawrie Butler
  • Letters from the Mill: the Calcutta Jute Industry – Carol Turnham
  • ‘Peculiar Circumstances’: Catholic Chaplains of the Victorian British Army in India – Margaret Mulvihill
  • Fanciful Memories? The Foothead Family and India – Carol Gilbert
  • Life with Tea in India: the diaries of Samuel Cleland Davidson – Wendy Pratt
  • Using Social Networking for Family History Research – Valmay Young
  • Building the Beas Bridge – Hugh Wilding
  • Review – Colonial Cousins: A Surprising History of Connections Between India and Australia by Joyce Westrip and Peggy Holroyde 2010. Review by Sylvia C M Murphy

FIBIS Journal Number 23 (Spring 2010)

  • Editorial
  • Waters from Ireland – to Bengal – to New Zealand – Neville Thomas
  • Four Orphan Schools in Calcutta and the Lawrence Military Asylum Sanawar, Part II: parents, conditions, prospects – Maureen Evers
  • How People May Live and Not Die in India – Florence Nightingale
  • Two Unusual Accidents on the Eastern Bengal Railway – Miles Macnair
  • For the Sake of a Hyphen: in search of the Flower-Mellings – Tina Davies
  • M.I.C.E. in the branches: a family history work in progress – Hugh Wilding (M.I.C.E. stands for Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers)
  • Life in a British Cantonment in India: Nasirabad, 1929-1930 – John Sworder
  • Reviews
    • Izzat-Historical Records and Iconography of Indian Cavalry Regiments 1757-2007 by Ashok Nath 2009. Review by Richard Morgan
    • Soldiers, Saints and Scallywags – stirring tales from family history by David Gore 2009. Review by David Blake

FIBIS Journal Number 22 (Autumn 2009)

  • Editorial
  • Four Orphan Schools in Calcutta and the Lawrence Military Asylum, Sanawar, Part 1: History – Maureen Evers
  • Wrecked or Captured: the East India Company Ships that failed to arrive – Andrea Cordani
  • The loss of an East Indiaman in 1807: account by Samuel Rolleston
  • Using Newspapers and Journals to research your family in British India – Sylvia C M Murphy
  • Looking for Gunner Hurley in India (part 2) – Lawrie Butler and Malcolm Hurley Mills
  • The Memorial to Major William Hodson in Lichfield Cathedral – Richard Morgan
  • Reviews
  • The Indian Mutiny Letters of Colonel HP Pearson August 1856-March 1859, edited by TA Heathcote. Review by Richard Morgan.
  • Engines of change: the railroads that made India by Ian J Kerr 2007. Review by Hugh Wilding
  • A Tug on the Thread by Diana Quick 2009. Review by Allan Stanistreet
  • Farewell Raj; Witness to the End of Empire by Tony Hearne 2009. Review by Peter Bailey.

FIBIS Journal Number 21 (Spring 2009)

  • Editorial
  • Seeking Giles Stibbert – Richard J Hayter
  • Recruitment for the Company’s European Corps, 1781-1812 – Ian A Baxter
  • Gahan, Eaton & Co – Nigel Penny
  • The Lure of Indigo, and three V.C.s – Miles Macnair
  • Escape from Fyzabad, 1857 – Contemporary account by Lieutenant C S Fowle
  • The young bride of a Madras Police Inspector describes her new life in 1894 – Letter from Mary Mayne
  • Some ‘Anglo-Indian’ and other Memorials at St Helena – Trevor Hearl
  • Reviews
  • In Pursuit of the Past by Christopher Penn. Review by Richard Morgan
  • Scattered seeds: the diaspora of the Anglo-Indians by Dorothy S Dady 2007 Review by Beverly Hallam

FIBIS Journal Number 20 (Autumn 2008)

  • My ancestor Matthew Leslie (1755-1804) was a ‘White Mughal’ – Beverly Hallam
  • The Letters of Captain John Orrok – Alison McBrayne
  • In God and Company: the life and times of the Reverend William Kew Fletcher (c1802-1867), EIC Chaplain – Mark William Fletcher
  • Jules Henri Jean Schaumburg (1839-1886): a forgotten artist rediscovered – Sylvia Murphy
  • Eliza Robinson and the Women’s Workshop in Allahabad – Ann Currie
  • Freemasonry in India – Susan Snell
  • Campaign and other medals to Anglo-Indians – Allan Stanistreet
  • The Trichinopoly Registers – Richard Morgan

FIBIS Journal Number 19 (Spring 2008)

  • The Great Van Someren Obsession – Liz Wilde
  • Faith and Family in South India: Robert Caldwell and his Missionary Dynasty – David Gore
  • The Defence of Lucknow: letter from Lt Clifford Henry Mecham, Part Two
  • 150 years on: the secrets of William and Stuart William Howard – Ian Howard
  • Searching for Allen, Alan or Allan Buchanan and his MC – Jean Mitchell and Lawrie Butler
  • The Police Officer and the Dacoit: Freddy Young and Sultana the ‘Robin Hood of British India’ – N C Shah
  • Book Reviews
    • Storm and Conquest-The Battle for the Indian Ocean 1809 by Stephen Taylor 2007. Review by Lawrie Butler.
    • The Great Uprising in India 1857-1858 by Rosie Llewellyn-Jones 2007. Review by Richard Morgan

FIBIS Journal Number 18 (Autumn 2007)

  • Researching for FIBIS Members – Lawrie Butler and Beverly Hallam
  • The Battle of Plassey, 23 June 1757 – David Blake
  • The Lady’s Log-book – Mark William Fletcher
  • Rebecca Dorin, April 1813-July 1857: a Heroine of the Mutiny – Brenda M Cook
  • The Defence of Lucknow: letter from Lt Clifford Henry Mecham
  • The Army Rank of Conductor and the history of an HEIC Conductor VC – Lawrie Butler
  • Planning for Indian Independence: Mountbatten, Nehru, and V P Menon – David Blake
  • Review article
    • The Way We Were-Anglo Indian Chronicles edited by Margaret Deefholts and Glen Deefholts 2006. Review by Hazel Craig

FIBIS Journal Number 17 (Spring 2007)

  • The Family Tree of our 1000th Member, Denielle West – Lawrie Butler
  • Researching Officers who served in the East India Company Army – Richard Morgan
  • ‘Death on the Pale Horse’: William Mayne and the Mayne military tradition in India – David Gore
  • On the trail of Manuel D’Eremao and Juliana Dias Da Costa: a quest to verify oral tradition through the India Office Records – Beverly Hallam
  • Looking for Gunner Hurley in India – Malcolm Hurley Mills and Lawrie Butler
  • Civilian Gallantry Awards to Members of the Anglo-Indian Community: a plea for information – Allan Stanistreet
  • Dr Graham’s Homes: a Century of Service – Douglas Evans
  • Book Reviews
    • Researching Ancestors in the East India Company’s Armies (FIBIS Research Guide no.1) by Peter Bailey 2006. Review by Richard Scott Morel, Archivist, Pre-1858 India Office Records
    • In Their Own Words: British Women Writers and India 1740-1857 by Rosemary Raza 2006.Review by Penny Brook, Head of India Office Records
    • Children of the Raj by Vyvyen Brendon 2005/2006. Review by Nora Naish, author of the book Passage from the Raj: story of a family 1770-1939

FIBIS Journal Number 16 (Autumn 2006)

  • Hints on Research in the India Office Records at the British Library Asian and African Studies Reading Room – Lawrie Butler
  • George Bogle, Part 3 Into Bhutan and Tibet – Richard Wenger
  • The Rind Family in India 1830s-1880s: recently discovered papers in the Pembrokeshire Record Office – Nikki Bosworth
  • Links with India: Records in the New South Wales State archives relating to settlers and others – Christine Yeats
  • The Children of John Company – The Anglo-Indians, Part 2 – Geraldine Charles
  • Percy Wyndham: an unforgettable meritorious British Administrator
  • r of bygone days – N C Shah
  • Book Review – The Black Hole: Money, Myth and Empire by Jan Dalley 2006. Review by Richard Scott Morel, Archivist, Pre-1858 India Office Records

FIBIS Journal Number 15 (Spring 2006)

  • The India-related holdings of the National Army Museum – Marion Harding and Jenny Spencer-Smith
  • Buy out, Pay Off, and a Pension? Terms of discharge from Queen Victoira’s Army – Peter D Rogers
  • The Children of John Company – The Anglo-Indians, Part 1 – Geraldine Charles
  • India – it was Magical – Hazel Craig
  • George Bogle, Part 2, The advent of Warren Hastings 1772 to 1774 – Rcihard Wenger
  • India through old Picture Postcards – Douglas Evans
  • Reviews
    • Sahib: The British Soldier in India 1750- 1914 by Richard Holmes 2005. Review by Steve van Dulken
    • The Ruling Caste: Imperial Lives in the Victorian Raj by David Gilmour 2005. Review by Ian A Baxter
    • A Handbook for Irish War Graves in India, Burma and Beyond, compiled by Eileen Hewson 2005. Review by David Blake.
    • In Those Days: A Scrapbook of Growing Up in India in the Days of the Raj by Justine Dowley-Wise. 2005. Review by David Blake.

FIBIS Journal Number 14 (Autumn 2005)

  • Editorial
  • George Bogle 1746-1781, Part 1, His Early Years – Rcihard Wenger
  • Tragedy and Betrayal: the story of Henry Fowle 1803-1849 – Bill Hall
  • The Indian Navy Family Fund 1828-1863 – Peter D Rogers
  • An English Soldier in Persia 1833-1840 – Jo Purshouse and Lawrie Butler
  • Brigadier-General Octavius Edward Rothney 1824-1881 – David Blake
  • Biographical Sources within the L/MIL/14 Series – Lawrie Butler
  • Reviews
    • English County Regiments, revised edition by Ian F W Beckett 2003 (first published 1970, original author – Arthur Taylor). Review by Anne Kelsall
    • Passage from the Raj: story of a family 1770 -1939 by Nora Naish 2005 Review by David Blake.

FIBIS Journal Number 13 (Spring 2005)

  • William Westall in India – Richard J Westall
  • Sources in the India Office Records for the British Army in India – Peter Bailey
  • The Wreck of the Ava, 1858 – Brenda M Cook
  • Registry Marriages in India – Lawrie Butler
  • The Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Patricia Redmond
  • Forms of Identification of Indian Army Pensioners and Widows – Peter D Rogers
  • Review – Empire Families: Britons and Late Imperial India by Elizabeth Buettner 2004 Review by David Blake.

FIBIS Journal Number 12 (Autumn 2004)

  • The East India Company London Warehouses – Margaret Makepeace
  • The British India Steam Navigation Company (Part 2) 1914-1971 – David Mitchell
  • The Early Life of Gordon Alexander Jahans 1888-1908 – G A Jahans
  • Matthew Baillie Pollock 1803-1844: Surgeon, HEIC Madras Army – Shirley West
  • The ‘Unattached List’ – Peter Bailey
  • Indian Army Prisoners of War in the Second World War – Hedley Sutton

FIBIS Journal Number 11 (Spring 2004)

  • A Passage to India and Beyond: the Voyage of the Rockingham to Bombay and Canton 1791-1793 – Trevor W Hearl
  • William Howell 1789-1867: Surveyor-Missionary-Priest – Shirley West
  • Tracing Ancestral Churches in India – Doreen Elcox
  • Soldiers’ War Service Records – Peter Bailey
  • The Autobiography of David Dinwiddie, Part 3
  • The British India Steam Navigation Company, Part 1 – David Mitchell

FIBIS Journal Number 10 (Autumn 2003)

  • Courts Martial in John Company’s India and their help to the Genealogist – Peter Bailey
  • An Introduction to The Public Works Department and its records at the India Office Records – Anthony West
  • A Tale of Two Storeys? – Ed Storey and Lawrie Butler
  • Research In India – Malcolm Speirs
  • The Headquarters of the Madras Artillery at Saint Thomas’s Mount – Peter Bailey
  • The Autobiography of David Dinwiddie, Part 2

FIBIS Journal Number 9 (Spring 2003)

  • The Autobiography of David Dinwiddie, Part 1 – transcribed by Ruth Croft
  • The Condell Family in India – Dian Montgomerie Elvin
  • Extracts from ‘From Warley Magna to Great Warley’ – George Harper
  • The Jokai Tea Estates – Dick Barton
  • Civil Service Records at the OIOC – Tim Thomas
  • A Rix Family in India – Ian Howard

FIBIS Journal Number 8 (Autumn 2002)

  • How Mary Anne became Marianne – Hermione-Ann Davies and Peter Bailey
  • My Search for the Ancestry of Francis Coleridge Hutchinson MD – Marie A. I. McCulloch
  • India Civil Service Records – Tim Thomas
  • BACSA Family Trees
  • Some Sources of Probate and Estate Records for India – Sylvia Murphy
  • The transcription of the Bombay Marriage Index (1709-1859) – Sylvia Murphy
  • The Devonshire Regiment’s Deathroll, Kandahar, Southern Afghanistan, 22nd January 1881 – Moira Mark
  • The Perils of Parentage: The Plight of an Addiscombe Cadet – Trevor Hearl

FIBIS Journal Number 7 (Spring 2002)

  • A Luso-Indian Voyage – Cliff Pereira
  • The Old or Mission Church at Calcutta – Peter Bailey
  • Pension Records at the OIOC – Ian Baxter
  • Censuses of India – Donald Jaques
  • The Search for Captain James Nowlan – Nigel McCrea
  • Monthly Military Musters Part 2 – Peter Bailey
  • Some EIC Family Histories in Print – Trevor Hearl
  • The First World War: Sources in the India Office Library and Records – Hedley Sutton
  • Soldiers Pay in 1829 – Peter Bailey

FIBIS Journal Number 6 (Autumn 2001)

  • Thomas Robson & The Bombay Missionaries – Trevor Hearl
  • The Madras Military Female Orphan Asylum – Peter Bailey
  • Who was William Hopper? – Sylvia Murphy
  • First Visits to the OIOC by a ‘Newbie’- Elaine MacGregor
  • A Mystery Man – Donald Jaques
  • Looking for Baptism, Marriage & Death Records for Roman Catholic Soldiers in India from Original Records – Peter Bailey
  • Gladys’ Story – Leap Year’s Day 1880 – David Gore
  • The National Maritime Museum Indian Collection – Geraldine Charles
  • Monthly Military Musters – Peter Bailey

FIBIS Journal Number 5 (Spring 2001)

  • The Man who built St James’, Calcutta – Michael Quin-Conroy
  • The Diary of Richard B, Part 2 – Donald Jaques
  • The Railways of India & Family History – Anthony West
  • Records of the Lord Clive Pension Fund – Ian Baxter
  • Lesser Known Sources at the OIOC – Presidency General Orders – Peter Bailey

FIBIS Journal Number 4 (Autumn 2000)

  • Letter from Ceylon – Bridget Thurgate
  • To Whom We Owe – Alfred Gabb
  • The Diary of Richard B. – Donald Jaques
  • Family Snippets – Claire Hamon
  • HEIC Maritime Holdings at the National Maritime Museum, Part 1
  • Anglo-Indian Correspondence, Part 3, N-Z

FIBIS Journal Number 3 (Spring 2000)

  • Life of a Madras Artilleryman – Peter Bailey
  • Anglo-Indian Research Correspondence at SoG [Part 2, E to M] – Tony Fuller and Michael Gandy
  • John Isaacson of Exning, Persia and India – Tony Fuller and Jenny Law

FIBIS Journal Number 2 (Autumn 1999)

  • Looking for an ‘Old India Hand’ – Peter D Rogers
  • The Delhi Durbah – Tony Fuller
  • The Delhi Durbah Medal of 1911 – Peter Duckers
  • Members’ Interests – the ancestors of Camilla Gemmingen von Massenbach
  • The Ancestry in India of Geraldine Lorna Charles
  • List of Original Subscribers to the East India Dock Company in London
  • The Black Hole of Calcutta, Part 2 – Tony Fuller
  • Anglo-Indian Research Correspondence – Tony Fuller and Michael Gandy

FIBIS Journal Number 1 (Spring 1999)

  • Editorial – Michael Gandy, Tony Fuller and Jenny Law
  • Catholics in India – Michael Gandy
  • Catholics in Mangalore – A Bicentennial
  • St. Thomas’ Mount, [Roman Catholic] European Baptisms, 1750-1880
  • Records of the East India Company in Tower Hamlets – Tony Fuller
  • Some Facts about the Black Hole of Calcutta
  • Oral History – Geraldine Charles
  • Major Thomas Back of the Madras Army – Tony Fuller
  • The East India Company Site in Poplar
  • Request for Help – James Henry Fletcher
  • Looking for Armenians in India – Jenny Law