FIBIS Conference 2021 Livestream

FIBIS Conference 2021 Livestream for FIBIS Members

22 Sep | News,

The Families in British India Conference

will run from 24-26 September at the Hawkwell House Hotel Oxford OX4 4DZ

Sales of tickets for the live event have now ended but we want to include our overseas and distant members, so most of the talks will be streamed live. Attendance is open to FIBIS members only at a global cost of £25 per person.

Online attendees can enjoy listening to the talks and participate in the question/answer sessions. They can also engage with others who share their own enthusiasm, whether on site or online, to find out more about ancestors and relatives who lived and worked in India and neighbouring countries during the period 1600-1947.

The conference runs from Friday afternoon to Sunday lunchtime. Please scroll down to view the programme .
It is also on the FIBIS Conference page

During the 3 days of the event we will be offering two ways in which non-visitors may enjoy the talks and remotely participate in the event.


Firstly, we shall be streaming the talks live on our YouTube channel. Details of how to access those live streams will be available to members via the FIBIS website. The advantage of the live stream is that you can watch the talk live, but also pause it to have a comfort break and rewind it, in case there is something you didn’t understand or you wanted to view something again. If you are used to using pause and rewind on your TV or Sky Box then this will be exactly the same, and if you have the appropriate App or feature on your TV to watch YouTube, then you can not only watch the event on your phone, tablet, PC or laptop, but also on your TV! There will be a different stream for each day of the event, so you can watch them at a time that is convenient to you.

Please note that, although there is a chat feature on YouTube, we will NOT be using that function during the conference as we can only answer questions live at the time, but of course you can leave comments on the YouTube Channel.

If you want to participate in the proceedings by asking questions and making comments, we shall be doing that by having a Zoom Meeting running during each of the 3 days.

All of our presenters will be present at the Hotel to talk to visitors after their talks and we shall aim to make time in the schedule to allow small groups of people to chat with presenters further after their talks, as well as meet up with other visitors.


IMPORTANT: Please note that if you wish to join the Zoom Meeting, you MUST have a registered account in order to have the best Zoom experience. (Sign up for a Zoom account)

Description of arrangements below, then each day’s start time.

During each presentation we will be running a normal Zoom meeting that will include a live feed of the presenter and their slides along with the usual Zoom Chat facility. If you are at home you will be able to post questions to the Chat. We will take note of questions and the chairman of each session will then pose a selection of them to the presenter.

First priority will be given to questions from the those at the venue, and then to online questions. We have allowed additional time between sessions for the extra questions from Zoom attendees.

If you have general questions of the FIBIS team, you may ask them. We can collate those and pass them on. Please understand that the team are “on duty” and may not be able to answer until later. We may also have chat rooms for Special Interest Groups to have a get-together at various times, depending on demand.

Advice will be given at the start of each day as to how to use the various features of Zoom to make sure that everyone who can’t attend in person will get the most out of the weekend.

Starting times (for advice session):
Friday – 14.00
Saturday – 08.45
Sunday – 08.45


Details correct at time of publication


14.30: Pat Scully: Chairman’s welcome
15.00: Tom Harper: Introducing the British Library India Office maps collection
16.30: Christian Wolmar: Railways and the Raj
[Recording to stream during dinner session?]
20.15: Evening talk: Omar Khan: The First British Postcards of India (Zoom)


09.10: Rosie Llewellyn-Jones BACSA report/update
10.50: Christian Wolmar India Journey
12.30: Peter Evans: Welsh local newspapers from the National Library of Wales
14.50: Sue Paul: An EIC employee – black sheep or maligned? What do the records tell us?
15.30: Harry Smee: Gunpowder and Glory: Frank Brock (fireworks) in India
16.50: Geraldine Charles: Mayflies and Neverland


09.10: Geraldine Charles: A Walk on the (slightly) Wild Side
10.00: Hedley Sutton: Plain Tales from the Archives
10.50: Final Q/A session
11.30: Margot Finn: The EIC at Home Research Project: Collaboration and Co-Production
12.30: Final plenary
13.00: Conference closes

To find out how to book your place at the online conference log into the FIBIS website and you will see a link in the main navigation menu that says FIBIS Conference 2021 Livestream. You will find a link to the Eventbrite booking page and once you have paid you will receive an email with the links to the YouTube Livestream and the Zoom meeting details.

Any problems, or if you need further assistance, please email [email protected].

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