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Volunteer Membership Secretary needed!

FIBIS is in need of a Membership Secretary.

We are currently recruiting new members at close to one per day and we need an active and enthusiastic volunteer to join our dynamic team to cope a routine, but crucial duty.

Ideally, but not necessarily, he/she will be familiar with Sage accounting software. Volunteers should be happy to:

  1. Welcome and record, directly or through our website, members recruited from all over the world.
  2. Process subscriptions and issue ‘Welcome Packs’ to new members.
  3. Process orders for FIBIS Guides, Fact Files, etc from new members.
  4. Issue renewals of membership annually  to a small amount of members who’ve not joined via the website.

Although these duties can be handled from anywhere in the world, it may be helpful if those volunteering would be prepared to attend Board meetings which we hold at the British Library, broadly every two months.

Please consider volunteering to assist in the growth of one of the most interesting and successful family history group in 2015. Please apply by email to [email protected]

Peter Bailey

Peter Bailey is President of the ‘Families in British India Society‘ and the author of 'Researching Ancestors in the East India Company Armies', and 'Researching Ancestors in the Indian Army, 1858-1947'.

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