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25 May | News,

A couple of updates from the British Library which may be of interest to the FIBIS community.

Adam Matthew ‘East India Company’ e-resource

This digitisation programme seems to have continued during the national lockdown, and now all the volumes in the E/2, E/3 and Z/E/4 sub-series have been digitised and uploaded (= respectively 57, 124 and 72 volumes).

E/2 covers Company correspondence with the Board of Control, 1784 – 1858; E/3 is correspondence with Asia, from the early days of the Company to 1753; Z/E/4 are the indexes to the huge E/4 sub-series which deals with correspondence with India. Most but not all of E/4 has also been digitised (855 volumes out of just over 1200).

Ecclesiastical certificates

As the U.K. is no longer in the European Union, the British Library will not charge VAT on searches for ecclesiastical certificates. From now on all such searches will cost £30. The cost of issuing certified copies remains unchanged at £18.

See the British Library page Search the India Office Records for baptisms, marriages and burials for details on how to order.

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