Updates to FIBIS Guide 2: British Ships in Indian Waters

20 Mar | News,

Image of British Ships in Indian WatersRichard Morgan has kindly provided some updates to FIBIS Guide 2: British Ships in Indian Waters. These can be viewed on our wiki via

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FIBIS Research Guide No. 2

An Introduction to British Ships in Indian Waters : Their Owners, Crew and Passengers

By Richard Morgan with foreword by Lawrie Butler

ISBN 978-0-9547116-9-6
Soft cover, 68 pages, with Bibliography, Index

Part I – the East India Company’s Maritime Service
Part II – Country Ships
Part III – A note on Interlopers
Part IV – The Marine Service
Part V – Independently owned commercial (steam) Ships
Appendix 1: Summary of information on Free Mariners and Passengers in Directories
Appendix 2: The Indian Marine Service in the IOR L/F/10 and other Series

Richard Morgan’s FIBIS Research Guide No 2 is in a class of its own. Information on various aspects of Marine Transport in Indian Waters is very fragmentary and it is a tribute to Richard’s analytical powers and his assimilation of facts that a very worthwhile manual has been produced.This is yet another reference book published under the auspices of FIBIS and I [Lawrie Butler] have no hesitation in recommending the book to both members and the general public. Their time will be well spent. (Snippet taken from the Introduction).

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