Trousdale’s Second Anglo-Afghan War database

16 Feb | News,

We are delighted to announce that nearly 40,000 names of British soldiers who served in the Second-Anglo-Afghan War have been added to the FIBIS database thanks to Dr. William B. Trousdale, emeritus curator of anthropology at the Smithsonian Institution and a specialist on 19th century Afghanistan. Over the past several decades, Dr Trousdale produced a volume listing all of the British soldiers who served in the Second Anglo-Afghan War, 1878-1881, their units, dates, and other information and he has very kindly sent this to FIBIS for publication on our website.  

The British in Afghanistan 1878 -1881 can be read in the FIBIwiki with a searchable database on names in the FIBIS database here..

Our thanks go to Dr Trousdale for kindly allowing us to publish this valuable source of information on our website and to our team of volunteer transcribers who spent over a year entering the information into a searchable format.