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Times of India Newspaper and Madras Courier now online

08 Feb | News,

Times of India

Over the years David Edge and his amazing team of volunteers have extracted and transcribed all the births, marriages and deaths and arrival and departure notices from the Times of India newspaper and the entries can be searched on the FIBIS database website. This project has helped so many people over the years and we have often been asked if there was a way to get a photograph or photocopy of an entry. Findmypast have recently put digitised copies of the Times of India newspaper for the years 1861-1865 and 1867-1888 on their website, so if you find an entry for those years on the FIBIS database you can now download an image from findmypast.

Madras Courier

Findmypast has also put digitised copies of the Madras Courier online, so if you find an entry in the Madras Courier dataset on the FIBIS database website you may also be able to download a copy from the findmypast website.

Findmypast is a subscription based website, so you will need a subscription to view and download copies.

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