Members’ Research Service



This research service is only available to FIBIS members who have a current subscription.

To make use of this service you will first need to contact the Research Co-Ordinator at [email protected] to explain the type of research you would like carried out.     If your research project is accepted you will be issued with a unique code which must be entered in the appropriate box on the Check Out page.

To explain about our research service that we offer to our members:-

We are all volunteers and not professional researchers – in other words, members who have enjoyed their own research, can access records and are willing to help others. There is no charge for time but we do ask a nominal payment in advance to cover researcher’s expenses, copying fees etc for the initial period of research.

You should also be aware that although every researcher does their best to find the records, we can not guarantee success. For example, the records at the British Library are thought to be only abut 70% complete and, so, what you want, may just not be there.

Please select the agreed rate from the drop down box below (you can use the Qty box to increase the value to whatever has been agreed with the Research Co-ordinator).

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