Soldiers of the 12 Independant Companies

14 Jun | News,

A list of soldiers of the 12 Independant Companies who travelled to India in 1747 with Admiral Boscawen’s Fleet has been added to the FIBIS database.

The soldiers in this list are those who were sent to India in 1747 to attack Pondichery and recover Fort St. George from the French during the war of Austrian Succession. Of the 1381 who left these shores, their disposition at the end of the campaign was approximately:

50 Died of sickness en route, or in India
29 Died in battle
45 Deserted (to the French)
1 Discharged at the Cape of Good Hope
397 Returned to England
398 Joined the East India Company Army in India
366 Probably joined the EIC Army in India (but no record)
11 Joined the EIC Army in St. Helena
101 No record found at all
1381 Total

Note: Where data are included in brackets, they must be considered probable by deduction, rather than taken from any record.

Data taken mostly from Warships’ Logs (ADM 36/ ) and EIC Commanders’ Journals (L/MAR/C)