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Samuel Francis Lewis Family Collection

Image from the Samuel Francis Lewis Family Collection Our latest addition to the FIBIS Image gallery is the  Samuel Francis Lewis Family Collection. This is a souvenir album of Samuel Francis Lewis, Royal Engineers, covering the period 1875 to 1884. These are mostly images from Kirkee (Khadki), Poona (Pune) and Bombay (Mumbai) in western India. There are also some “field” photos from the North West Frontier and (perhaps) Afghanistan. Browse the collection here.

Our thanks got to Christine Caroppo & Brian Clarence [Samuel Francis Lewis’ great-grandson] for kindly sending them to FIBIS for the gallery. Christine is happy to answer any questions regarding these photographs if we pass them on to her.

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  1. The Samuel Fracis Lewis Collection is a real gem. I recognise many of the places in Poona and Kirkee. Re. the nuns of the Convent of Jesus and Mary: Three generations of our family attended this school, my grandmother, my mother and and aunt, and my sisters and I. I finished my schooling there in 1956. It was called the Convent of Jesus and Mary School until the 1960s, when it changed its name to St Anne’s School. I visited the school last year, the nuns have changed their robes to a more modern look, the the nuns in the picture here look pretty much the same as when I was in school. Thank you for this wonderful memory!
    Rosemary Taylor (Bradley)

  2. Hello Valmay

    I wanted to check that the images were linked to the regiment article but the your Hampshire Regt link in the email doesn’t work.
    The Hampshire Regiment article refers to 37th Regiment of Foot up to 1881. After 1881 1st Battalion: 37th Regiment of Foot and 2nd Battalion: 67th Regiment of Foot. Which should the images be linked to?


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