New features added to FIBIS Social Network

24 Oct | News,

Two new features have been added to the FIBIS Social Network over the last week.

New improved discussion forums

Social networking isn’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, so a new traditional style discussion forum has been added for those more comfortable with using a forum than a social network. The forums can be found by clicking on Forums on the horizontal navigation bar when logged into the FIBIS Social Network area. For the more experienced forum user  BBCode shortcodes and html can be used in the forums, Documents and photographs can also be  attached  to posts.

Interest Group documents workspace

An optional collaborative work space has been added to all interest groups. It’s part wiki and part document editing area similar to Google Docs. This exciting new tool  allows group members to create and collaborate on group documents once the ‘Docs’ feature is activated by the group admin. When creating or editing a document you can embed pictures and videos, create tables, use blockquotes, links, bullets, numbering and indentations. If you are familiar with Wordpress you will recognise many features such as an easy to use tool bar for common edit functions, including the “kitchen sink”.  Creators of documents can also control who can view and edit them and view an edit history.

If any members would like any further advice on how to use these new features please don’t hesitate to contact the FIBIS webmaster