Family Tree DNA new Y-DNA Haplotree and Y-DNA37 sale

28 Apr | News,

Family Tree DNA mtDNA Test Sale advert

In celebration of DNA Day and Arbor Day, Family Tree DNA are  releasing their new Y-DNA Haplotree and  taking 20% off their Y-DNA37 test! This offer is valid only through April 29, 2014.

Savings (no coupon code required)

Y-DNA37 – 20% off

Why Y-DNA?

  • Discover the origin of your paternal ancestors
  • Connect with others that share a paternal ancestor
  • Participate in surname and geographical research projects

Note: Y-DNA tests are available to male sample providers only.

FIBIS DNA project

If you have had your DNA tested through    Family Tree DNA  you can also join the FIBIS DNA project.