Need research help or advice?

20 Jun | Help & Support,

Personal Research Services (FIBIS Members)

FIBIS is currently able to provide personal research services at the India Office Records at the British Library and certain other London Archives to those of its Members who are unable to access records due to distance or disability. For further information email

Research Advice

FIBIS does not have the resources to undertake research for the general public. A brief introduction to research can be found in the Beginners ‘ Guide in the fibiwiki .

Baxter ‘s Guide‘ will also give you a good insight into the types of records held in the India Office Records at the British Library.

FIBIS may be able to offer some general research advice, but your question may also be answered faster on the India List (see the Beginners ‘ Guide in the fibiwiki ).


“ My ancestor was in the Bengal Artillery around 1857, where would I find out more about him?”

“ My ancestors were Catholic, where would be the best place to search?”

“ My ancestor worked on the railways around the 1880s, what sort of records exist?”