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Memories of Delhi – request for information

We have received the following request for memories of Delhi from  Lalita Phadkar and hope some of our members and social media followers are able to help her.

I am currently doing research for a book commissioned by Bloomsbury. Its working title is: “ Delhi, a century of stories ( 1900-2000)”.  The effort is to capture the changing character of Delhi in this period through anecdotal history. I need to tap into especially the pre-1947 era through the memories, journals/ photographs/memorabilia of British, European and Anglo-Indian people who lived through this period.

If anyone reading this would like to share memories (first-hand, or received from family-elders) or knows someone who would like to do this , in India or anywhere in the world, please please PLEASE do get in touch. My name is Lalita Phadkar; my email id is [email protected]; my mobile number is +91 981140022. I hope you who are reading this feel as I do- that this is a slice of cultural history which needs to be preserved.

I am very grateful to FIBIS for allowing me to put this request in their news feed.

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