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Lives of the First World War needs your help

Lives of the First World WarLives of the First World War needs your help: make your contributions before 12:01am on 19 March 2019. Take the opportunity to upload images and share information so that it can become part of a permanent digital memorial.

It is important to search for variations of a persons name eg  Joseph Henry BLOGGS and  J H BLOGGS as the  name will be in LOTFWW the same way it is on medal records.


IWM have also  created an online survey to help them understand how you use Lives of the First World War and what you think about it. The survey should take you around 5 minutes to complete, and your feedback will be valuable in helping them to evaluate the project.

Read FAQ’s about what happens next

To thank you for your time, they are offering respondents the chance to win a £50.00 gift card.

Take the survey


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  1. CHayter

    I missed the deadline as I was enroute from Singapore to Toronto and lost track of the time in London. I would love to add a biography to the post about. my grandfather Robert Thomas Mansfield Hayter – is there any way I can still do this?

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