Lists of Free Merchants, Seafaring Men & other Inhabitants of Bombay & surrounds 1720–1780

18 Feb | News,

Lists of Free Merchants, Seafaring Men and other Inhabitants of Bombay and surrounds from 1720 – 1780 have been added to the FIBIS database website.

This series of 18 short lists reflects the small non-military population of Bombay in the 18th century. Up until 1747 the names of women (wives, widows and “ maids”) and children were included which gives researchers the ability to reconstruct family units. Throughout the period most of the men were engaged in the Country Trade. From 1770 men are categorised according to whether or not they have permission of the EIC to arrive and reside in India. It is clear that many of the Mariners and others have no such formal permission, yet are apparently tolerated by the Company.

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