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Journal Editor needed

FIBIS are currently in need of a volunteer Journal Editor. Please read the job description below and contact FIBIS Chairman Pat Scully (email: [email protected]) if you are interested in the position or have any questions.

Job description

General Information

The primary role of the FIBIS Editor is to put together the Bi-annual Journal.

The FIBIS Journal is primarily an educational and historical publication to inform and entertain members interested in family history and life in India in the days of the Raj. It is published twice per year, so the work associated with its editing can be spread out as required, to suit the editor ‘s own availability or, if preferred, can be a concentrated effort taking place over a week or so. The work is eminently suitable for flexible working. Moreover, it is very interesting and varied work, where the Editor is in the fortunate position of learning whilst working, constantly being updated by reading the first-hand research and experiences of other people with similar interests and objectives. The role is well-supported by other FIBIS members who are always helpful and willing to lend a hand, contribute knowledge and expertise and generally are ready to step in wherever required.

Being Editor of the FIBIS Journal is a responsible position, but one is not alone. There is a strong team ethos behind the organisation and help is always available when needed.

Specific Tasks

  • To receive, select and edit articles contributed for the journal.
  • To proof-read the short-listed articles/material and edit where appropriate.
  • To format the Journal, arranging articles in a coherent and interesting form and update the information regularly contained (positions held by Trustees etc. usually on an annual basis)
  • To liaise with the Printing company and the proof-reader, so that the material contained in the Journal is correct and ready to be printed according to an agreed timetable.
  • To send out complimentary copies of the Journal (a list is provided). Members ‘ copies, which form the bulk of the mailings, are sent out by the Printer.
  • In order to perform the role successfully, a good level of I.T. and literacy skills is required.

Other Responsibilities:

Occasionally, there is a need to update or to arrange reprints of other FIBIS materials, such as the Guides or Fact Files. Updates are done by the authors themselves, and the Editor will help with layout and contact the Printing company and arrange for the work to be done.


The Editor normally becomes a Trustee of the FIBIS charity, but doesn’t have to be. If applicants are interested in also taking on the trustee responsibilities they will need to attend Trustees ‘ meetings every two months, held at the British Library. There are also two public meetings: An Open meeting is held in the October/November and the AGM held in June/July each year on a Saturday, there is also an “ Away Day”, held mid-week usually in August/September.


Trustee, website editor and social media manager for the Families in British India Society.

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