India Office deaths and burials

Over 12,000 additional India Office Deaths and Burial records added to findmypast

03 May | News,

Findmypast made the following announcement on their blog this morning.

British India Office Deaths & Burials

Over 12,000 additional records have been added to our collection of India Office Deaths & Burials. Discover details about the deaths of your ancestors who died in the UK, British India, Burma and other territories connected to the India office (St Helena, Sumatra, Kuwait, Aden, Penang, Macao). Discover where, when and in some cases how they died as well as where they were buried.

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The records are made up of British India Office ecclesiastical returns, British India Office deaths of staff in uncovenanted (lower grade, no contract) state and, British India Office All Presidency burials. The ecclesiastical returns relate almost entirely to European and Eurasian Christians; few local converts are included. It is thought that roughly seventy five per cent of the information recorded in India was transmitted to London. The Ecclesiastical returns include people from all walks of life: civil servants, army and navy personnel, medical officers, scientists, business people, traders, travellers, missionaries.

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