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Hyderabad Residency Cemetery

27 Sep | News,

A BACSA-led project to conserve the Hyderabad Residency Cemetery is nearing completion. It contains the graves and tombs of 45 persons associated with the Residency between 1803 and 1948. They include three Residents, the teenage wife of one, EIC and British army officers, children, officials and a servant’s grandson. BACSA aims to draw the project to the attention of a wide audience and hopes to trace some of the descendants. A few of the families are well-known, for example those of Sir William Rumbold Bt and of Sir Henry Russell Bt. The majority are not. Hence BACSA’s appeal to the Fibis membership to help track down today’s families.

The project is supported by the Deccan Heritage Foundation and donors. The cemetery and the Residency building itself, conserved with support from the World Monuments Fund, will together be a valuable addition to Hyderabad’s heritage and increase the city’s attraction as a tourism destination.

List of tombs/graves of identified persons

Ca/1 Eric Sutherland 27 February 1846 48 years Lt. Colonel Bengal Army. Conserved in Phase 3 (June 2019).

Da/2 Major. John Cameron 13 June 1838 50 years Major 52nd M.N.I. Conserved in Phase 3 (June 2019).

Ea/3 Kitty 17 March 1948. Conserved in Phase 3 (June 2019).

Da/4 Lt. Fleming Kelso November 1825 30 years Lt.13th Light Dragoons. Conserved in Phase 3 (June 2019).

Da/5 Charles Russel Falillousis Murra Grant 14 September 1817 10 months Infant son of Lt. Col St.J.Grant.

Cb/6 George Napier Fleming 23 June 1862 1 year son of J.B. Fleming Residency Surgeon.

Cb/7 Richard Brice 29 December 1853 1 year son of Captain E. Brice, Horse Brigade.

Cb/8 Francis Cameron 6 August 1839 same day 4th daughter of Captain D.A. Cameron.

Cb/10 Mary Anne Sutherland Moore25 May 1832 8 months daughter of Captain J.A. Moore.

Cb/11 Malcolm 10 May 1837 same day infant son of Captain George Lee 5th M.N.I.

Bb/12 Paramanundum 12 May 1857. Conserved in Phase 3 (May 2019). *

Bc/13 William John Darby 20 August 1816 23 years Lt. Russell Brigade M.N.I. Conserved in Phase 3 (June 2019).

Db/15 Jessie Erskine Kerr 4 August 1833 1 year 4th daughter of Lt James Kerr K.M.E. Regiment. Conserved in Phase 3 (May 2019).

Db/16 J A C Kerr 20 November 1832 25 years wife of Lt. James K.M.E. Regiment. Conserved in Phase 3 (June 2019).

Db/17 Louisa Anne Strachey 4 June 1845 2 years daughter of Lt W. Strachey. Conserved in Phase 3 (April 2019)

Db/18 John Elmore 15 December 1823 28 years Lt H.M. 72nd Regiment of Foot. Conserved in Phase 3 (April 2019).

Eb/19 G H Blythe 15 March 1845 38 years. Conserved in Phase 3 (May 2019).

Cc/21 Frances Harriet Davidson 1854-62 18 years probably daughter of Lt. Col Cuthbert Davidson.

Cc/22 Augustus and Marion 1855 and 1860 children of Dr. George Smith. Conserved in Phase 3 (June 2019).

Cc/23 Lt. Colonel Sir Alexander Pinhey 7 April 1916 57 years. Resident.

Dc/24 Arthur Austin Roberts 16 May 1868 50 years C.B. C.S.I. Bengal Civil Service. Resident. Conserved in Phase 3 (April 2019).

Ec/26 Donald McAllum Esquire 24 April 1861 60 years.

Ec/27 Leonora McAllum 12 June 1833 15 years wife of Sub-Assistant Surgeon D. McA. Nizam Service.

Ec/28 Mrs. Sarah Coleman 18 December 1853 41 years. Conserved in Phase 3 (June 2019).

Dc/29 Edward Palmer 10 May 1844 same day. Family of William Palmer. Conserved in Phase 2 (April 2019).

Dc/30 Hastings Palmer 7 November 1860 77 years.

Dc/31 George Alexander Bushby 30 December 1856 57 years B.C.S. Resident.

Ec/32 Eliza Marry Lee 31 December 1835 30 years wife of Captain George Lee 5th M.N.I.

Bd/33 Anne Russell 16 October 1818 10 months daughter of Sir Henry Russell. Baronet. Conserved in Phase 3 (April 2019).

Cd/35 Ettie Elizabeth Yule 8 March 1864 5 years daughter of George Yule.

Cd/36 John McLeod Pemberton 30 June 1867 Bengal Medical Service Residency Surgeon.

Ed/38 Sir William Rumbold Bart 24 April 1833 45 years banker.

Dd/39 George Rumbold Esq 17 June 1820 26 years Rumbold family.

Be/40 John William 30 March 1833. Conserved in Phase 3 (April 2019).

Dd/41 Frances Sydenham 23 October 1807 19 years Wife of Thomas Sydenham, Resident. Conserved in Phase 2 (December 2018).

Ee/42 Eliza Carleton 2 12 1831 26 years wife of Capt later Major H.P. Carleton.

Bd/44 William Agnes Hemmings 10 July 1864 45 years Major 1st B.N.I.

Bd/45 Charlotte Louisa Carleton 14 July 1827 3 months daughter of Lt. H.P. Carleton.

*The MI reads ‘F Paramanundum, grandson of Joseph, servant of General Fraser’.

If you are a descendant, please email Peter Boon [email protected]