Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, Yercaud

Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, Yercaud

14 May | News,

Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, YercaudA list of graves at Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, Yercaud with memorial inscriptions transcribed by Jack and Gill Thornton have now been uploaded to the FIBIS databse website. Jack has also included the following details:

Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, Yercaud in the Shevaroy Hills, near Salem, Tamil Nadu.

The church was built in 1853.

We made a written and dictaphone record of the gravememorials over two days in February 2001 and a sketch plan of the graveyard, which we had covered in the sections.

Whilst recording on the first day an elderly gentleman approached us and told us that his son would be coming the next day and could show us the registers. His son did come the next day and brought with him a burial plot plan.

The plan was originally drawn and plotted by E.L.  Payner, Hon. Sec. to the vestry, dated 14 June 1927. Subsequent burials had been plotted, but some grave numbers are indestinct. The son arranged for it to be photocopied over two sheets and glued together.

Every effort has been made to correlate our sketch plans with the church plan.

The son also produced the Registers and we recorded the entries and checked the plot numbers (dating from 1872-2000) on the dictaphone and I have cross-checked the information with our recording of the grave memorials.

We completed a full survey of the memorial stones irrespective of the date of death pre and post 1947. Many post 1947 deaths related to persons born before 1947. Some particularly in the 1990s do not have grave numbers and are not identifiable on the church plan!

We hope, in the next year or two to revisit  Yercaud and will then identify again and photograph the memorial stones to add to the record.

Jack and Gill Thornton

Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, Yercaud


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