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Heron and Cronan Family Collections added to FIBIS Gallery

04 Nov | News,
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John Thomas Lawrence

A few wonderful collections regarding the Heron and Cronan families in India have been sent to us for the FIBIS Image Gallery by Dianne Mitchell.

Title: Heron Family Collection
Description: Photos of the family of George and Emma (nee Lawrence) Heron taken between 1880-1916 in Simla.  John Thomas Lawrence, Emma’s brother was a Wesleyan minister and spent 11 years in India 1888-1897. He was Secretary of the Society for the promotion of Christian Knowledge, Founder of Madras School of Music and Superintendent Examiner at Madras University and became a Mason at the MacDonald Lodge, Madras No 1,198 in 1889. He was also Editor of the Indian Masonic Review for a time.

Title: Phyllis Lawrence Heron
Description: Autograph album 1910-1913 belonging to Phyllis when she was aged 15-17 years.  The book contains sketches, water colours and the usual entries by friends.  Locations, where mentioned, are Simla, Calcutta, Lahore and Bombay.

Title: Cronan Family Collection
Description: Photos of the family of Cyril Preston  and Phyllis Cronan (nee Heron), taken between 1916 to 1928 in Simla, Calcutta and East Africa. Cyril was an accountant with the Railway Board of India. He was conscripted to the Indian Army Reserve.  He spent a year 1916-7 in Dar-es-Salaam, East Africa as a non-combatant soldier.

Our thanks got to Dianne for allowing FIBIS to display these images with people via the website.