You are currently viewing Rare and unique photographs of opening of the Guzerat Railway

Rare and unique photographs of opening of the Guzerat Railway

Several years ago FIBIS purchased an album of family “ snaps” taken in India around 1900-1910 as the album included some unique material relating to the official opening of the Guzerat Railway. Included in the album are images of the engines, stations and the construction process of the line.  Some photographs are clearly taken in England and others show domestic life in India in the early 1900s. The album has now been scanned and uploaded to the FIBIS Image Gallery and FIBIS has donated the photograph album to the British Library.

If anyone can provide further details of the people and places included in the album we would love to hear from them. We would also like to thank Martin Tolley for his hard work in preparing and uploading the images to the gallery.

FIBIS Chairman, Pat Scully, giving the album to Hedley Sutton of the British Library Asian and African Studies Reference Services.

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  1. The photo shown as No.126 looks like a new installation of three cylinder oil engines at a power station somewhere. I think that I can just discern the manufacturers of the engines as being Mirrlees Bickerton and Day as inscribed on the crank base of the yet uncompleted second engine. Quite a few of these engines were exported to India for power generation. A single cylinder version is installed at Borboorah Tea Estate, near to Dibrugarh, Assam.

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