You are currently viewing FTDNA’s Sizzling Summer Sale starts now!

FTDNA’s Sizzling Summer Sale starts now!

FTDNA ‘s Sizzling Summer Sale has started and focuses on the Family Finder test.

Here ‘s the pricing:


Retail Pricing

Sale Price

Family Finder



Y37 + Family Finder



Y67 + Family Finder



Comprehensive Genome (FF+Y67+FMS)



FMS + Family Finder



All of the DNA tests are designed to deliver superior results with the most advanced technology to tackle any genetic genealogy challenge.  Plus, the new parental phasing  tool allows users to sort paternal and maternal matches and further  refine DNA matches like never before. What better way to discover, match and connect more dots on your family tree and with  no subscription fees!

For more information, or to order a test, visit  FamilyTreeDNA.

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