Friend of India and Statesman

Friend of India and Statesman

14 Feb | News,

The Friend of India and Statesman newspaper has been digitised and uploaded to findmypast.

The Friend of India was one of the oldest newspapers of India. The journal was started in the early nineteenth century as a weekly journal, and later incorporated The Indian Observer. Published by the Serampore Press every Thursday morning, The Friend of India became a popular journal with its wide coverage of Indian affairs and international news. In 1875 The Friend of India incorporated another newspaper, The Statesman, founded in the same year, was renamed The Friend of India, and Statesman and came to be published every Friday from ‘the Statesman and Friend of India Office’ in Calcutta. Later, it became a daily newspaper. The journal published articles, reports, notes, notices, statistics, advertisements, obituaries and correspondences.

Source: South Asia Archive

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