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FIBIS Conference 2014

Join us at the first Families in British India Society (FIBIS) Conference. 16-18 May 2014 at the four-star Best Western Plus Manor Hotel near Birmingham

FIBIS Conference venue

Building on the success of our one-day open lecture meetings, FIBIS trustees are now preparing a three-day conference. This will be a friendly and social gathering where FIBIS members and the general public can learn more about this fascinating period in their ancestors’ lives.

What’s on at the FIBIS conference?

A friendly and social gathering in the heart of England


Expert speakers will cover a range of topics relevant to the period of British influence in India. These will include something of the historical and political background, further detail on ancestors’ lives in the Army, the Civil Service, other professions and unofficial inhabitants, women in India and, of course, the railway network. [See our list of speakers on the Speakers page.]


FIBIS trustees will offer 1:1 help with research questions during Surgery sessions.
We will also be offering some Open Forum and some Expert Panel sessions throughout the event where delegates can ask questions, learn more and also contribute their own ideas.


Delegates bring their own experiences and expertise and the programme includes the chance for small discussion groups, to allow informal exchange of ideas on a range of topics.

Submit your photographs or documents for display during the conference and use the notice boards to post your own questions and suggestions and to communicate with other delegates.

Other activities

Other activities include:

  • Gala dinner, on Saturday evening, with guest speaker and presentation of prizes
  • Special interest groups, in open forum with a panel of experts to advise
  • Workshops (introductory workshop, followed by individual support) on:
    • identifying research sources
    • making the best use of our website
    • contributing to FIBIwiki
    • social networking and social media
    • writing up your personal research notes
  • Presentations and recordings of talks from open meetings, available to view
  • Photo competition
  • Quiz
  • Film