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FIBIS Cemeteries Project

FIBIS has hired a photographer who is currently visiting cemeteries in India and taking two photographs of every gravestone: one of the whole and one of the inscriptions. Mindful that many Indian cemeteries are in a dilapidated condition that is only going to deteriorate further, we are looking for sponsorship to enable us to continue this important project.

In the meantime, the photographer is receiving from FIBIS a modest fee and necessary expenses for travel. Therefore, if you would like access to the original photographs we are asking for a suggested donation of £3 (Three pounds sterling) for one image or £5 (Five Pounds sterling) for both.

Donate to the FIBIS cemeteries project

Please make any donations to the cemeteries project via the PayPal button on the Cemeteries Project page of the FIBIS website to ensure the donation goes to the correct project.  If you are ordering photographs please quote the Cemetery and Image Reference that you require in the “Add special instructions to recipient” section of the “PayPal Review your payment” screen and we will arrange for e-mail copies of the photographs to be sent to you.

Sample images

Cemeteries completed

The below cemeteries have already been photographed and indexes can be viewed in the FIBIS database website at the following links:

Coming soon

Our photographer will soon be visiting the following cemeteries:

  • Bareilly
  • Ferozepore

Hopefully more cemeteries will be photographed, after the ones listed above, if we raise enough funds.

Please make any donations to the FIBIS cemeteries project via the PayPal button on the  Cemeteries Project page.

Thank you!




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  1. Thanks for this fascinating resource.

    I note however that whilst the index for Roorkee shows Regimental information, but those for Secunderabad do not.

    I would have expected this to be shown on the gravestones, so was it not transcribed?

    Also – rather than have multiple indexes would it not be simpler to have just one? And could we please have a freeform search facility so that – for example – we could search for a particular regiment?

    1. The other option which is available is to browse the list of entries for the cemetery of interest.

  2. Valmay

    It is much easier to index cemeteries individually rather than keep adding to one large dataset. Plus it is in keeping with the current structure of the website. There are currently two separate datasets for Secunderabad as the photographer didn’t tell us which two cemeteries they are from and we are waiting to hear back from him. Hopefully we will hear back soon and amend the datasets with the details.

    Unfortunately the software used for the FIBIS database website does not have a free form search facility.

    All legible wording has been transcribed from the headstone.

    If you have any further questions you can contact Peter Bailey @BAI-0036 email: [email protected] as he is the person currently coordinating this project and can answer any further questions you may have.

  3. I was fortunate to find a grave of interest in Secunderabad and received 3 very good photos of it. I do hope that members will donate to this worthwhile project.

  4. Susan

    Wonderful resource. Huge thanks to those doing the groundwork
    Very appreciative of all that is already there; of course we are all hoping for something relevant to each of us (St Martin’s Church, Jhansi, is one of mine!) but absolutely fascinating to read others. I found one about a drowning of a 12 year old boy drowned at the city station, Bangalore, in 1895. Wonder what that was about? Terrible floods perhaps? Very sad.

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