Children of the Raj

19 Jan | News,

FIBIS member, Alan Lane, recently told me about a small group of ex-India hands that meet up in Woodbridge, Suffolk twice a year and I thought that other people may be interested to know about this group. The group is called the “ Children of the Raj” and the members live mainly in Suffolk, North Essex and Norfolk. Alan has sent me the following details:

The group ‘s founders of four ladies, who had all been born in India, of British parents who had served in the sub-continent, got together after reading the book “ Children of the Raj” by Vyvyen Brendon. These ladies are all based in East Suffolk (although one now resides in Sussex). The idea was to have a small get together and have a home-made curry lunch, and perhaps have a small collection of donations to fund a small school in Kalimpong (not Dr Graham ‘s Homes) to enable a few children to be educated locally to a secondary level.

Our current membership is 77 strong, although not all attend every meeting.  Our next meeting is on the 1st March at the Village Hall, Hasketon, near Woodbridge, Suffolk, and the following one is on the 6th September 2018.

Alan also told me that children of children of the Raj are also welcome. 🙂

Anyone else in the Suffolk area may also be interested in the following talks at Bury St Edmunds Record Office

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