Can you help identify people or places in these photos?

22 Oct | News,

A request for help from FIBIS Member Martin Last.

“I acquired a scrap book containing some very interesting images of India, probably dating from the 1860s/70s. Despite the kind help of numerous recognized experts, I have been unable to identify any of the people and the vast majority of places shown. The bulk of the identified images show the aftermath of a cyclone in Madras in 1872. 

I believe the album was compiled by a British woman whose family was involved in the tea trade. I am guessing the family was British as there are images of afternoon tea, cricket and croquet. My tea trade guess is based on there being several tea plantation images. Obviously, these may just have been purchased commercial images with no connection to the family. If my hunch is right, one image shows the compiler of the album with the album. it is lying on a table in front of her.

I would be very grateful for any help members could give me in identifying the people or places shown.”

The photos can be viewed in the FIBIS Gallery here.