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British in India records on findmypast

Alex Cox wrote a few interesting blog posts for the findmypast Friday blog over Christmas week regarding records on findmypast useful for researching family in India. I thought I would bring these to your attention as some of you might have been aware of all of these records, but I was not aware of one set. I was aware of the

but was not aware that the Society of Genealogists British in India Collection was on findmypast. According to Alex “The collection is comprised of two sets of records supplied by the Society of Genealogists, British in India and the Women in India Index. British in India documents female relatives of officers of the Bengal Army, Madras Army and Bombay Army, along with British civil servants, chaplains, merchants, plantation owners, labourers and British people in India after the East India Company period. The Women in India Index was compiled my Major Vernon Charles Padget Hodson (1883-1963), Lt. Col. Herbert Kendall Percy-Smith FSG (1897-1975) and others and is packed with biographical and genealogical information on many thousands of persons, sprung from all levels of society.”

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  1. Mary B Radford 04/01/2016 at 21:01 #

    I read these too. But wonder, that if for example, birth records are are not available for some reason, one’s only recourse is to visit the British India Collection in London?

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