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BBC Partition Project

BBC Partition Project imageA British TV company are currently developing a new documentary series about the 1947 Partition of India / Pakistan for BBC1.

For this series, the idea is to take British families who have roots in India / Pakistan back to their pre-1947 homes to explore the impact of Partition on ordinary people. The programme makers are looking for families who ‘s stories will represent the different groups caught up in the events of Partition – Muslim, Hindu and Sikh, Anglo-Indian and British colonial families. They will then follow the younger British-based generations of each family as they retrace journeys and relive experiences which their parents and grandparents faced during Partition, 70 years ago.

The aim is to make a powerful documentary series that reveals the impact of this tumultuous period of world history on ordinary people. The series will present a balanced, non-partisan account of this period of history.

If you now live in the UK and your family has Partition story you would like to explore, please email [email protected] or call 0207 241 9250.


Trustee, website editor and social media manager for the Families in British India Society.

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