Allahabad map

Allahabad – Index of property owners 1862

23 Jan | News,

An index of property owners listed on a map of Allahabad at the British Library (MSS/53230 (2)) has been uploaded to the FIBIS database website.


Map of the station of Allahabad and adjacent country showing the sites of the Cantonments and New Civil Station  with the latest additions & improvements as obtained from the office of the Commissioner with list of owners and occupants of houses.
Scale 4 inches = 1 mile
Reduced and drawn in the office of the Suddur Board of Revenue, NWP from the original Survey Plan executed in 1858 under the orders of Lieut Col R Strachey, Secretary to the late Government of the Central Provinces
Completed and lithographed by M Derosaire.Mappist SBR, NWP, Allahabad, August 1862

Note: the list of owners and occupants of houses, forms an index to this map which is printed and published separately.

Index to the map of the New Civil Station and Cantonments of Allahabad, showing owners and occupants of houses, as they stood on the 1st June 1862, with revisions up to August of that year.
Prepared by order of the Secretary, Sudder Board of Revenue, NWP, by MN Derosaire, Mappist

Printed at the Government Press, NWP 1862

The Fort is garrisoned by the following:
The 1st, 6th and 10th Coys of HM’s 90th Light Infantry.
A Guard of the 11th Native Infantry
Serjeant, Corporal and 14 of the 2nd Battery of the 14th Brigade Royal Artillery

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