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The Families In British India Society (FIBIS) is charity devoted to members with an interest in researching their ancestors and the background against which they led their lives in ‘British India’.

The Society was formed in November 1998 to provide a resource for people researching families and their social history in India from 1600 up to, and even after, Indian Independence in 1947.


The Society’s primary aim is to helping individuals research their ancestors and the social structure in which they lived.

It covers the earlier part of the East India Company’s* (EIC’s) history and provides help and advice on researching it both in England and abroad, and all EIC stations, including those outside the Indian sub-continent.

Nobody is excluded from the Society, provided they are in sympathy with its aims and objectives. The Society does NOT concentrate on the Raj period nor solely on the British in India because to do so would exclude a number of other nationalities who played an important part and became part of the Indian culture.

The principal areas of activity are:

  • Membership Research Services
  • Members’ Interests
  • Journal & Newsletter
  • Meetings
  • Volunteer Group
  • Data Publication

Please note that Research Services are only available to FIBIS Members. FIBIS does not have the resources to undertake research for the general public. We are happy to briefly answer any research ‘how to’ questions ( see Research Methods ), but please read the Beginners’ Guide first. Your question may also be answered faster on the Rootsweb India mailing list ( see the Beginners’ Guide). Our main service for the general public is to co-ordinate transcription projects, literature, books, lectures and other information for those researching their ancestors in British India.

Memorandum and Articles of Association

* East India Company, also called the Honourable East India Company (HEIC)

Updated July 12, 2015