Geraldine Charles – “The Children of John Company – The Anglo Indians “

Geraldine Charles

On 8 April 1687, the East India Company (‘John Company’) made the decision to promote Christian marriages between their men and the Indian women of Fort St George by offering a payment of a ‘Pagoda’ (7s 8d in 1750) to the wife at time of child’s baptism. The practice was adopted and continued until 1741. Later a monthly allowance 5 Rs. per child born to soldiers in the ranks was paid (Hawes 1996).  Thus ‘John Company’ encouraged the birth of a British/Indian, Protestant community.

First given in 2005, my talk reflects my own journey to research my Anglo-Indian ancestry and also to find out more about the history of the Community into which I was born.  

Geraldine Charles will also be giving another talk at the Conference 

“Once Upon a Time ….  Far Across the Sea”

Whether sitting on the Verandah swopping tales over a chota peg imagining our ancestors of long ago gathered within the circle of light created by the flickering flames of a fire, Story Telling is an ancient tradition and found in many cultures.

Geraldine will be sharing how in recent years she has taken her own Family History and personal experiences away from trees and records and into the realm of the imagination with her as the “Story Teller”.   She will be using both her own published work as well as some new material.

Geraldine Charles is an archivist (semi-retired), historian, writer, dowser and a founder member of FIBIS. 

Her current FIBIS role is in Outreach giving talks, offering advice at Family History Fairs/FIBIS meetings, and assisting with moderating the British India Family History Face Book Site. 

Between 2002 and 2024 she has also taken part in Seminars/Conferences not only in U.K. but as far afield as India and Australia.