An Introduction to British Ships in Indian Waters – Their Owners, Crew and Passengers





FIBIS Research Guide No. 2:  An Introduction to British Ships in Indian Waters : Their Owners, Crew and Passengers

By Richard Morgan with a Foreword by Peter Bailey

ISBN 978-0-9570246-2-5

Soft cover, 115 pages, with Bibliography, Index.

Richard Morgan’s FIBIS Research Guide No 2 is in a class of its own. Information on various aspects of Marine Transport in Indian Waters is very fragmentary and it is a tribute to Richard’s analytical powers and his assimilation of facts that a very worthwhile manual has been produced.

The 2nd edition of this very popular FIBIS Guide  is more than half as big again as the 1st edition with more information about the East India Company ‘s ships after the end of the Company ‘s monopoly in 1831.

Part I – the East India Company’s Maritime Service
Part II – Country Ships
Part III – A note on Interlopers
Part IV – The Marine Service
Part V – Independently owned commercial (steam) Ships
Appendix 1: Summary of information on Free Mariners and Passengers in Directories
Appendix 2: The Indian Marine Service in the IOR L/F/10 and other Series

This 2nd Edition includes two New sections:

  • Activities of the Shipping Committee;
  • Marine Correspondence:
    • Incoming letters and petitions;
    • Court of Directors
    • Committee ResolutionsOutgoing letters
    • Other matters – including:
      • Coverage of the Company ‘s Extra Ships
      • Use of Lascar Seamen and the Company ‘s concern for their welfare.

The Guide also throws a strange light on the way Country Ships could morph into ships of the Danish Company and back again. In addition, the British Library has renumbered some of their Records and the new edition reflects the Numbers now in use.   All the new material is illustrated by examples from the different documents which gives an authentic feeling for the Men and the Ships.

An Introduction to British Ships in Indian Waters: Their Owners, Crew and Passengers  is an essential manual for anyone researching Marine Transport in Indian Waters.

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