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Services of the Officers of the Corps of Madras Artillery

An index of people transcribed from “ History of the Services of the Madras Artillery, with a sketch of the rise of the power of the East India Company in Southern India, etc.” by  Peter James Begbie has been uploaded to the FIBIS database.

Our thanks got to  Bill Hall.

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  1. Euphemia

    Has anyone read about Major Frank SHOWERS who was married to LUIS being drowned in a boat along with friends who were celebrating the end of WW1. This event would have been around Sibsagar in Assam. The SHOWERS descendents who stayed behind in India and live there today have no knowledge of their grandfather’s other relatives although it is recorded they lived in Scotland but difficult to find present day addresses of descendents for other information. It seems the SHOWERS family originated in Ireland in the 1700s and joined the EIC. Anyone who can assist with this enquiry on the surname would be happily welcomed for a chat via this web site. The origins of the family are recorded as Tea Planters and were officers some of whom distinguished themselves in the Service. Does anyone know where I could make contact in Assam for B, D. Ms. that records could be checked out for SHOWERS?

    Frank SHOWERS had a son called GEORGE CHARLES who had a son named JOHN. John died several years ago leaving a wife plus son and daughter. How would I track down any information that might assist. The families seemed to be quite large. Many thanks to all.

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