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BACSABACSA logo is disposing of the greater part of its stock of cemetery record books and other books in a sale to its members that closes on 31 December. From 15 January 2015 Bacsa is extending this opportunity to FIBIS  members who will be able to purchase the books for £1 per copy plus P & P. Lists of titles in the sale and how to order are listed below,  but some may already be sold out. The offer will close on 15 February.


Listed below are the titles of the publications FIBIS members may purchase at £1 each copy plus postage and packing.   Please note that some titles may already be out of stock.   The offer closes on 15 February 2015.

How to order

Please send your order only (no payment) to the Publications Distributor at the address shown below. The invoice, to include the cost of packing and postage, will be included with the completed order.   Payment is by Sterling cheque or International Money Order in favour of ‘BACSA ‘.   If you wish to pay by the Bacs automated payment system, please say so in your order.

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Above the Heron ‘s Pool    Heather Lovatt and Peter de Jong, 1993

A story of the Peermade/Vandiperiyar District of Travancore from 1847 based on the Baker and Munro families who transformed this wild and uncharted area into a thriving sector of the plantation industry.  For the genealogist there are family trees and a copy of the church registers.

An American Memsahib in India: The Letters and Diaries of Irene Mott Bose: 1920-1951    Edited by Dr Patricia Owens, 2006

Her Indian diary and letters vividly record her time among local villagers and the cultural complexities encountered.  As the wife of an Indian High Court judge she observed the British, entertained viceroys and visited Gandhi.

Bombay Buccaneers: Memories and Reminiscences of the Royal Indian Navy: 1927-1947    Edited by Commander Jack Hastings, 1986

The British Residency in Hyderabad    Omar Khalidi, 2005

The story of the Hyderabad Residency and the Residents who lived in it.  A princely state until 1948, ruled by the fabulously wealthy Nizams who saw themselves as heir to the Mughal Empire and retained much old world charm and many curious customs.

The Calcutta of Begum Johnson    Ivor Edwards-Stuart, 1990

Follow My Bangalorey Man    Paul Byron Norris, 1996

A panorama of Bangalore in the 1920s and 1930s through the eyes of the author during his childhood and schooldays.

Hellfire Jack!”  VC: General Sir William Olpherts 1822-1902    Peter Collister, 1989

India Served and Observed    William and Mildred Archer, 1994

A joint husband-and-wife autobiography of their time in Bihar from 1931 to independence, reflecting their passionate interest in the Indian art field.

The Kashmir Residency—Memories of 1939 and 1940    Evelyn Désirée Battye, 1997

A vivid account of life in the Residency as seen through the eyes of a young woman, newly arrived in India to work as the personal assistant to the Resident.

Memoirs of an Adventurous Dane in India: 1904-1947    August Peter Hansen, 1999

The story of a young Danish sailor, stranded through illness in Calcutta.  He joins the City Police, works for Birla on security and finally as a customs officer.

Missy Baba” to “ Burra Mem”: The Life of a Planter ‘s Daughter in Northern India: 1913-1970    Joan Allen, 1998  

A childhood in Bihar, marrying a planter who goes off to the War leaving her with their children; later supporting him as a political officer and in the tea industry.

Peacock Dreams    Bill Tydd, 1986

Reminiscences of a police officer in Burma, 1929-1942.

A Railway Family in India    Patrick Hugh Stevenage, 2001

A family saga spanning five generations in a 200-year cycle of emigrating from England, becoming part of the Anglo-Indian community in and around Madras, until finally returning to England and British Rail.

Statues of the Raj    Mary Ann Steggles, 2000

An illustrated catalogue of over 60 of the largely forgotten statues of the British in South Asia including viceroys, governors, bishops, soldiers, teachers and philanthropists, with details of sculptors and biographical notes.

Ulysses in the Raj    Paul Byron Norris, 1992

The story of Greek trade in India and the Hellenic presence in Bengal and Northern India from the time of the “ Company”.  This unique account follows the fortunes of notable families from their origins in Europe.            

Under Malabar Hill: Letters from India: 1928-1933    Maisie Wright, 1988

Social work among women in Bombay.

Who Was Dr Jackson?  Two Calcutta Families: 1830-1855    Mary Bennett, 2002

The doctor, in his unbroken 25-year career in Bengal, rose to become a professor of the fledgling Calcutta Medical College.  He married a Pattle making this a fascinating study of two families with their Calcutta-Bloomsbury connections.

Willingly to War    Paul Byron Norris, 2004

A young emergency commissioned officer ‘s impressions of the Indian Army during the Second World War.  First as a cadet at Dehra Dun, then as an officer on the North-West Frontier, followed by a period on the North-East Frontier and Burma.

Other books distributed by BACSA

Policing the Raj: 1928-1947    Leslie Robins, 1985  Served in the UP and Indore.

A Squire of Hindoostan    Narinder Saroop, 1985

The story of William Gardner who raised Gardner ‘s Horse in 1809.


Agra Cantonment Cemetery    Robin Volkers, 2001

A record of over 5,000 burials from 1806-1990s, including all existing MIs, with plot diagrams indicating the shape and location of the tombs.

Agra St Paul ‘s Cemetery    Robin Volkers, 2007

A record of burials from 1849-1958, monuments, wall tablets and inscriptions, including those at the nearby Tota ka Tal and Sikandra cemeteries.

Assam &North-East India: Christian Cemeteries &Memorials    Eileen Hewson, 2005

A comprehensive list of MIs with biographical notes, District by District, including records from churches:  1783 – 2003.

Bangkok: The Protestant Cemetery    Justin Corfield, 1997

MIs and complete transcript of the Burial Register from 18611972 with background information.  Also covers ten other cemeteries in Bangkok.

Bangladesh: Tombs in Tea      John Radford, Susan Farrington, 2001

Covers the tea areas in the Valleys of Luskerpore, Balisera, Manu/Doloi, Lungla and Juri; also the oldest cemetery in Sylhet town.

Bimlipatam: Christian Cemeteries    David Cooke, 1988

British and Dutch tombs from the 17th century.

Calcutta: The South Park Street Cemetery    Maurice Shellim, 1986

On progress in restoring ‘The Great Cemetery ‘

Chittagong: Christian Cemeteries    Susan Farrington, John Radford, 1999

MIs and Burial Registers.        

Darjeeling and the Dooars: Christian Cemeteries and Memorials 1842-1995    Eileen Hewson, 2006

A record of the cemeteries and isolated graves from this corner of India with MIs and biographical notes on the planters and other notable tombs.

Dehra Dun – Chandranagar Cemetery    Aylmer Jean Galsworthy, 1993

Inscriptions and biographical notes: graves listed by year of death (1820-1912) & endowments (1888-1951).  Also lists of army personnel, civilians, stonemasons etc.

Gilgit: A Guide to the Christian Cemetery, Gilgit, Northern Areas, Pakistan      Susan Farrington, 2001

Himalayan Headstones from Ladakh Kashmir    Eileen Hewson, 2002

A record of the few remaining graves of explorers, sportsmen and missionaries from the mid-1800s, with biographical details.

Ipoh &Taiping: War Graves &Graves of Europeans in the Cemeteries in Ipoh &Taiping, Perak, Malaysia    Justin Corfield, 2000

Java: British & Empire Graves (1743-1975)      Justin Corfield, 1999  

MIs including World War II.

Kota Bharu (Malaysia): European Graves in the Jalan Hamzah Cemetery    Justin Corfield, 2000

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): St Mary’s Cathedral & the Jalan Birch Cemetery    Justin Corfield, 2000

Malacca: Christian Cemeteries and Memorials    Alan Harfield, 2002  

From the Portuguese time in 1511, through the Dutch occupation 1641-1795 and from 1819-25 to the British period.  Includes a short history with lists of churches and MIs; also an account of the local wars with lists of casualties in Malayan Emergency.

Meerut: The First Sixty Years (1815-1875)      Alan Harfield, 1992

MIs and burial registers.  Also a complete listing of the British and Indian regiments there along with a history of the garrison.

Meerut Part II (1876-1939)     Alan Harfield, 1999

MIs and burial registers of Cantonment Cemetery; Race Course Cemetery and military memorials.              

Monghyr: Short History & Its British Cemeteries    Vincent Davies, 2003

The 235 tombstones recorded tell the story of this ‘Invalid’ station from 1768.

Patna and Dinapore    Vincent Davies, 1989

Short history with biographical notes.

Penang: Graves in the Protestant Section of Western Road Cemetery    Justin Corfield, 2000

Penang & Perak: Christian Cemeteries    Alan Harfield, 1987

Peshawar Cemetery, Pakistan    Susan Farrington, 1988 (2nd reprint 2001)

c900 MIs dating from 1849.

Peshawar Monumental Inscriptions II    Susan Farrington, 1991

More inscriptions from churches and other cemeteries.

Polibetta, Coorg: Burials at Christ Church      1985

Typescript of Register, 1892-1962.

Quetta: Monuments and Inscriptions    Susan Farrington, 1992

Covers the cemeteries, town’s history, the staff college, railways, churches and the 1935 earthquake.

Quilon and Trivandrum (Malabar Coast)    Edited Peter de Jong, 1992

The burial registers of St Thomas’ Church, Quilon (1829-1961) and Christ Church, Trivandrum (1863-1961).

Rawalpindi: Cemeteries and Churches    Susan Farrington, 1996

Covers the main Harley Street Cemetery and additional MIs from four other cemeteries and plaques from churches.

Seremban (Malaysia): Graves in St Mark’s Churchyard, and the Anglican Section of the Seremban Cemetery    E Beavington, Justin Corfield, 2000

Singapore: Early Cemeteries      Alan Harfield, 1988 (rev. ed.)

Comprehensive record of all main cemeteries.

Teluk Anson (Malaysia): European Graves in the Jalan Anderson Cemetery      Justin Corfield, 2000

Vizagapatam and Waltair (from 1699)      David Cooke, 1992

The Old Cemetery; Mors Janua Vitae Cemetery; Waltair Cemetery; also church MIs.

Vizianagram: Cantonment Cemetery    David Cooke, 1988

British tombs from 1811.

Yokohama, Japan: Gaijin Bochi, the Foreigners’ Cemetery    Patricia McCabe, 1994

Inscriptions with biographical notes of over 4,000 graves from 1854 – the dead of 41 nations rest here – with the inscriptions capturing much of the history of Japan over the last 140 years.