Percy-Smith and Bullock collection uploaded to FIBIS database

08 Jul | News,

FIBIS is pleased to announce that they have finished the transcription, and addition to the FIBIS Database website, of 10,000 sundry British-Indian baptisms, marriage and burials. These are provided under licence from and through the kindness of BACSA (British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia). These are from the Percy-Smith and Bullock collection which were handed over to the National Army Museum by H. Kendal Percy-Smith in his will and which were subsequently gifted by the NAM to BACSA. The data, mixed with many produced by Brigadier Humphry Bullock, were collected in India, during the late stages of the Raj, in the justified expectation that many of them would be lost after independence. FIBIS is grateful to BACSA and to Mrs Ann MacDonald, Brigadier Bullock ‘s daughter, for their permission to publish these data as a tribute to the valuable work undertaken by these two people. We are also grateful to Robert Charnock, FIBIS Vice-Chairman, for his tireless efforts in transcribing them.