Patents of invention for British India, 1856-90

09 May | News,

Patents of invention for British India, 1856-90 has just been uploaded to the FIBIS database and contains data on patents of invention registered in the patent system for British India during 1856-90. It is limited to European residents of India, with a few entries for those living elsewhere with stated ties with India. The data is taken from chronological listings held by the Business & IP Centre, British Library. The titles have sometimes been abbreviated, otherwise the data is as given. Further information such as the patent documents themselves are not thought to have survived. From 1912 copies of patents are are held by the British Library, and any enquiries should be made to [email protected]. Patents numbered 1 to 8, in 1856, represent what was later regarded as an invalid attempt at patent protection, and the recognised patent numeration only began in 1859 after new legislation.