New year: new coordinator

18 Jan | News,

FIBIS members will have seen that some new faces have joined trustees. Among other changes,
Libby Rice takes over from Penny Tipper as transcriptions coordinator and they will be working together for the next couple of months. Penny will continue to contribute as a volunteer but Libby is now managing the projects.

Penny would like to take this opportunity of thanking the many people who have worked so hard and given so much time to build the FIBIS database. Please keep volunteering, and also sending us suggestions for suitable additional material. Some very successful projects have arisen because people ‘s individual research has identified useful sources of material.

If anyone has offered help in the past and has not been contacted, please give us another chance and remind us, so that we can set you to work. We have a number of projects under way or to be started and Libby and Penny will be very happy to hear from you.

  • There are various ways to contribute.
  • By transcribing your own material
  • By transcribing documents allocated by the coordinator
  • By photographing monuments, cemetery inscriptions, memorial plaques, etc
  • By photographing documents for transcription
  • By visiting archives (The British Library, the National Archives in England, or national or local archives in your own country or region) and transcribing documents on site, or photographing the original for others to transcribe at a distance
  • By identifying and recommending suitable original material for transcription

For further information, to help with our existing projects, to suggest future topics, and for advice on producing a transcript of your own material, please contact [email protected]