Mixed Original Records provided by Malcolm Speirs

A selection of mixed original records provided by Malcolm Speirs have been added to the FIBIS database website. The data-sets on the website provide brief details extracted from a series of photographs taken by Malcolm Speirs from a variety of sources in Lucknow and Moradabad. They are in the form of an index to a large series of photographs in Malcolm’s possession and he will provide copies of these photographs for a modest charge.

Original records uploaded

To request a copy of a photograph, which will contain further detail, please contact Malcolm at malcolm@imspeirs.plus.com and quote to him details the following details provided in your search results:

  • The number of the film
  • The full name of the Person of interest
  • The spreadsheet of interest (‘Lucknow’ or ‘Moradabad’)
  • Your FIBIS Membership Number (if current) or ‘Non-Member’

and he will handle the matter with you from then on.


Trustee, website editor and social media manager for the Families in British India Society.
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