FIBIS database website improvements

24 Nov | News,

Most regular users of the FIBIS database website might have noticed that the website was down for maintenance for a few days this week. This was due to an unexpected problem which has now been fixed and hopefully everything is running  smoothly  again.

Whilst John was fixing the problem with the database he also upgraded the Frontis software we use to power the website to the latest version. Users will now see the following  changes  and improvements:

  • Quick search now searches for surname variants by default using metaphone comparison. We have set this as the default method of search as this searches the database quicker than a normal search. If you wish to perform an exact search on a surname you can use the advanced search by clicking on the word Advanced below the quick search box.
  • Updated to html V4.01 for better standards compatibility across browsers.
  • Extra page links between the current page and the last page
  • Share menu to publish content on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.
  • Search times now show at the bottom of the results page.
  • Predictive complete to source and image searches.

If anyone has any questions about these changes please don’t hesitate to contact the FIBIS webmaster

Other news

FIBIS members interests have also been updated. The members interests can only be viewed by FIBIS members when they are logged in. If you are a FIBIS member and haven’t added or updated your interests recently you might also find the article ‘How to add and update research interests’  in the FIBIS Social Network useful.